Sunday, 30 September 2012

Today I am Missing...

I honestly never thought that I would. But here I am, missing Amsterdam. Whilst I was in the Netherlands I had the great honour of making a great friend in Amsterdam - Laura. In the year that I have known Laura we have travelled to three different countries together....we don't hang about. You can catch our adventures here : Amsterdam, Paris, Oxford, Middelburg.
Every once in a while, I could catch an early train to Amsterdam, meet Laura in our beloved Starbucks and then walk or cycle to Hillsong church. We could quite happily fill our Sundays with good conversation, coffee and adventures in the city.
I miss those Sundays.
I miss the chilly Dutch weather and the bicycles, I miss the deep conversations that those Sundays would inevitably bring, and I miss exploring a new and strange place with someone who shares my love for adventure.
Amsterdam, I miss you. But I am thankful for what you gave me in the season we shared together.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Weekend - thank you for arriving
Dear Week - thank you for ending
Dear Early Morning Hikes - you are beautiful...
Dear Mountain Bikers who bike in the dark with headlamps - really? Do you have to? Please leave the early morning peace alone.
Dear Self - I know that pre-mad guacamole sounded like a good idea, but don't ever do it again. Store bought is never as good as home made.
Dear Dog - I am sorry you were buzzed so short that your butt itches. At least I hope that is why you are itching your butt all the time....
Dear Dutchies - missing you a lot this week.
Dear non-existant-fall-break - really? We have to wait until Thanksgiving to have time off from class?
Dear Climbing Walls - thank for being there at the end of a rough day.
Dear Evening Class - thank you for being cancelled next week.
Dear Beach - I want to come live on you


Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wilderness Adventure

Do you remember me telling you that I went on a week long rafting trip? I wouldn't blame you if you don't because, well, it was over a month ago.....such a terrible blogger I am...only just getting the photos out. So get ready for a photo dump.
It was wonderful. During our week we rafted a class four rapid, passed through some spectacular scenery and had a great time getting to know one another before classes started. At least once a day, whilst I am sat in class, I think of how I would love to get back out there on the river - just raft all day and sleep on beaches under the stars at night.

Face off

Strong Christopher

Oh Christopher....he kept us entertained

Our amazing guide Hana

Strong Emily!

Christopher was very proud of himself for dumping us

We ate good

Nice view to poop too
(Photos credited to Hana and Emily)

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Falling for Fall

The Plaid shirts are appearing from my closet. My chilly fingers require a hot mug of steaming coffee to wrap themselves around each morning. Spice Lattes are on the menu and pumpkin bread is baking. Fall is here. And it shall be beautiful.

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Life Lately According to Instagram

Monday morning - in my house, we drank coffee. The duck eggs were collected and then hidden buried eaten by our cheeky puppy....she was in deep sh**. And I baked the first batch of Pumpkin cho-chip loaves for the Fall in my pyjamas. The week was off to a great start.
And then.
I took an exam and it was terrible. That's life.

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Coffee and Reading / Can not get enough of these trails

Weekend Yumminess / Beautiful, sweet Taylor

First Home Game of the Season - go Broncos!

Love time with my Mama / The book on the top of my wish-list

Pie Hole Tuesdays (+fro yo)

Sunday, 23 September 2012

This Weekend....Fall Arrived

I have been in denial that Fall was creeping up. As much as I love Fall, I just wasn't quite ready for it. Well, whether I like it or not, it is here. Today the heavens opened and I got my first sense of a Fall Funk, know what I mean? - when all you want to do is be still and cozy. All I wanted to do this Sunday afternoon was snuggle up in bed, drink tea, listen to Bon Iver, read a good book and maybe take a nap.
Hello Fall. Goodbye Summer....I loved you and you were wonderful.