Sunday, 31 March 2013


Today is Easter. Today was a beautiful day of sunshine that really visually displayed to my heart pure joy and beauty. I believe in a loving God. An incredibly loving God who created all things and instilled His beauty in all that is around us as well as in us. I believe that the life and resurrection of Jesus that this day marks is a celebration of love and freedom. It is my hope and prayer that you, in your own personal way, felt loved today and free. This is the way souls are meant to feel. 
Happy Easter y'all. 

Sunday, 24 March 2013

life lately according to instagram

Well, the weather did break. It snowed again. It rained again. It got cold again. Right now we are experiencing beautiful sunshine mixed with chilling cold spells. But it's ok. You want to know why? Because it is Spring Break! I am finally able to take afternoon naps, read a book I actually want to read, catch up on Suits, book coffe dates and enjoy sunrises and sunsets over my beloved mountains.
Happy Spring Break!
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Internship / Study by Sunset
Outdoor Program Peeps! / The Roomies

New Earrings / Grill Time

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

living the sunshine life

I really don't want to jinx myself....but the weather has been so unbelievably wonderful this week! It has made my heart come alive with joy and desperation to escape to the hills whenever I can to run and hike and watch the sun rise. The weather is suppose to break soon.....but I am holding out hope for eternal sunshine. Happy Wednesday!
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Sunday, 17 March 2013

gracious words said with thanks

Today is another spectacularly beautiful day.
Unfortunately I pushed the homework to the side yesterday in order to enjoy my beloved trails so, today I have to face the music and write some papers.
Today I am so grateful for soul food that has come in the form of good friends, wonderful relationships, beautiful sunshine and wondering at God's beauty.
Life truly is an adventure and it is one that continues to move my heart daily by it's fullness.
Happy happy Sunday.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

one of those people

I know one of those people. You know the ones I mean. The ones that just seems to know the right thing to say at the right time to make the day a whole load better or make you laugh so hard your stomach begins to knot in pain....yep she is pretty awesome.
I met her in my freshman year of University, on the very first day I arrived in the Netherlands actually. It turned out we were to be neighbors as well as good friends and partners in crime. Her family welcomed me in and I will be eternally grateful for their love, kindness, awesome senses of humor, love for dancing, music, good food and all things Chanel. Thank you for your love of tea that rivals my own, your love of late night wine drinking, Mcdonalds therapy and music making.
Oh do I love you.
Happy birthday person. You are the best.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

spring is in the air

There have finally been some hints of Spring lately and I could not be more excited! Spring is probably my favorite season. After a long, and cold, winter I love seeing the countryside come back to life. Spring is the time that my running shoes find themselves back on my feet, when I can start doing my homework outside in the sunshine and when lazy Sunday afternoons can be spent hiking and soaking in the rays. Spring is in the air...
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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

life lately according to instagram

Today is such a beautiful beautiful day...ahhhh....I can finally feel Spring in the air and it makes my heart so very happy! I am sorry all you snowboarding/skiing Idahoans  but I am so glad to see the snow disappearing off the mountains, temperatures rising and trees coming back to life. Happy Tuesday! Here is life lately according instagram. Follow along here.

my sweet mama / wine bar

favorite album of the month / snow and sunshine

first ever basketball game / climbing wall stripping in full mode

my beautiful mountains / spring is coming and snow is leaving :)

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Elk Feeding

Wow....what a week this has been. Want some advice? If you decided to take an honors Russian Literature class at University, maybe take less credits that semester. That's just some free advice for you. You are welcome.
Just after Christmas my sweet daddy planned a surprise day out for us as a family. He managed to keep the secret for a couple of weeks despite my mum's moaning and frustration!
So....he took us Elk feeding! Along with about 15 other people, we were loaded up on to a big horse drawn sleigh where we sat on bales of alfalfa and were pulled right into the middle of a large wild elk herd. It was spectacular. The elk do not feel threatened by the horses and seem to not register that we are people that could possibly hunt them. The elk immediately came up close and began to eat the alfalfa right from underneath us. They truly are beautiful animals and so majestic in their strength. I have a new found admiration for these creatures. Not that I haven't eaten a good elk steak since then......