About Me

Photo taken by Kay Stroud
Who I Am...

I am... constantly learning
I want... a family of my own one day
I have... wonderfully wise parents - their insight amazes me constantly.
I wish...every man had good manners. I also wish that I could experience a studio session with Coldplay.
I hate...my knees! Some days they will just not run as far as the rest of my body wants to.
 I fear...wasting time and not marrying John Mayer
I hear... soft soul music and it always warms my heart. The voices of Jack Johnson, Colbie Caillat and Carol King are always adored. I always hear the music in movies.
I search...for a little bit of silence each day. Just to remain sane.
I wonder... how many times God laughs at me each day.
I regret... not being straight with friends when I should have been.
I love...love. I also love the idea of living by the ocean.
I ache...for anyone who does not know Love. And I ache for my Taylor when we are separated.
I always...promise myself I will not be late the next time I have a date….it hardly ever happens!
I usually...eat ice cream every day
I am not...fearless! Sometime I get through scary things because I don’t want to look scared to others when I am actually freaking out inside.
I dance...a lot…but hate dancing under pressure. In my mind I’m like JT.
I sing...yeah
I never...want to let anyone down. But it happens and I am learning. I also never welcome rudeness, I know that I am English but, really there is never any need to be rude.
I sometimes…wish I was a pro tennis player….or a surfer. They just seem like the best jobs ever.
I cry...a lot every once in a while.
 I am not always...very welcoming to change. But, once I swallow my pride and get on with it I love the adventure.
I lose...my socks constantly.
I am confused...by people.
I need...sunshine to be happy. Mountains help also.
I should...start collecting air miles! I just never seen to get round to it and I miss out on free flights!

Questions taken from Running On Happiness and Dream Book Design (Other great blogs - check them out!)