Thursday, 28 June 2012

Friday's Letters

Sunshine today / Snowdon - this weekend's destination! (Image VIA)

Dear Sunshine - THANK YOU for finally making an appearance!! Jeez, it was such a nice change to run with you shining on my shoulders today! Running capri's are not going to cut it if you keep this up - tan lines on the knees are not good...oh well.....out come the shorts.
Dear Sunshine - Please keep shining this weekend whilst I am hiking Snowdon.
Dear Coffee-to-go-Mug - I am so sorry that I forgot about you! In all honesty, now that I have no University Classes for you to join me in (erm...keep me awake through)....I haven't much need for you. So, yes, I am sorry that I left a little bit of coffee in you for the past month, but did you really need to smell like something had died in you??!! You were super gross when I opened you today.
Dear Granny - You are hilarious. I love our coffee dates. I really hope that I will be as awesome as you are when I am 87.
Dear Bicycle - Really? Third puncture in a week....give me a break please.
Dear Sister - We are entering into your Birthday week!! WHooohooo!!!! I wish I could be there in makes me really sad, but we shall celebrate together when I arrive.
Dear USA - I can almost say, "I will be seeing you this month!"
Dear Brother - excited to see you in a few days! Sad that it will be the last time in a while though.
Dear North Face - Please keep me warm and dry on the mountain this weekend.
Dear Readers - Thank you for visiting, commenting and writing me such sweet and encouraging emails! It really does bless my heart! I love "meeting" you all and getting to know you a little bit across this crazy thing called the internet. Happy Weekend!! See y'all Monday!


Wednesday, 27 June 2012

If only the sunshine showed up, I would...

1 / Walk the English Coastline
2 / Buy this gorgeous Mikoh Bikini
3 / Wear cute shorts
4 / Get a hat
5 / Take more bike rides
6 / Improve my boarding skills (erm...get some!)
7 / Watch the sunsets
8 / Hang out on the beach
9 / Find a handsome shirt-less musician (FYI - this is not a weather restricted activity)
10 / Make home-made lemonade
11 / BBQ every night
12 / Make and drink Mojitos all evening day long
13 / Wear flowers in my hair
14 / Wear cute summer dresses
15 / Start the day with ice coffee

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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Life Lately According to Instagram

Happy Saturday everyone! Life feels very much all over the place at the moment. I am busy finalising my travel plans to the USA, sorting out college classes for the fall, working, catching up with British friends before I leave, whilst still trying to rest and work out.......busy times! I apologise greatly for my lack of responses to sweet emails that y'all keep sending me. I do so appreciate them and they make me smile and bless my heart. So, I am sorry! Have a great weekend.
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British Library, London

St Paul's Cathedral

Lunch date / Damien Hirst at Tate Modern, London

Cocktail time!

Bike Ride / Post work out coffee

Finally enough sunshine for sandals (it was pretty short lived!) / Coffee Store Reading, prep. for Fall Semester

Friday, 22 June 2012

Friday's Letters / The English Countryside

Dear England - I love you
Dear Countryside - It shall be hard to leave you in a months time when I move to live in the US desert.
Dear Rain - Please stop. 

If you hadn't caught on by now, let me remind you, I am extremely proud to be British. I love that I grew up in the beautiful county of Buckinghamshire and I shall always be grateful to my parents and outdoor loving, adventure chasing Grandparents and Godmother for giving me a love for the outdoors. I have so many fond memories of camping as a kid and at the young age of four, I was sat on a pony and never looked back! I was constantly pestering my parents for my own horse and I would spend as many weekends at the stables as possible. I was smitten. Although I haven't been able to keep up horse riding once I started travelling and studying at University, I still love being outside. That said, whilst I am back in the UK for the next month I shall be doing as much hiking as I can. Here are some photos from my hike yesterday at the beautiful Ashridge. In typical English was a little grey and rainy.


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

I Just Kinda Want To.....

1 / watch (500) days of summer
2 / maybe, sort of, perhaps, consider bangs like this
3 / hang by a pool in the sunshine
4 / ride my bicycle to a coffee store and start the day right
5 / meet my Mac Book Pro who is waiting for me in the USA
6 / be a blonde belle (some days)
7 / not miss my sister's birthday on July 4th
8 / know this to be true
9 / do this
10 / marry this guy
11 / take a road trip
12 / have a roof-top picnic
13 / eat this. right. now.

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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

London Part 2

Number one on my London Tourist list of places to visit was the British Library. Call me a nerd, but I loved my visit! Having taken a Bible based Arts and Humanities class this past semester it was really quite amazing to see the old Biblical texts dating back an INSANE number of years. It really amazes me how the words of Jesus, the prophets and the history of the nation of Israel have survived this long.
I am currently reading Jane Eyre and loving it. It really is a captivating read. Again, call me a nerd, but it was truly magical to be stood before the original manuscript penned by Charlotte Bronte, whilst carrying my paperback copy in my bag. Wow. I was also in love with the library's coffee corner which is nestled within tall glass cased shelves all packed with ancient novels and history books and encyclopedias .....yeah, I could have spent all day there. Also, there is a great room all about the Magna Carta AND a crazy amount of stamps from all over the world. Yes, I am nerd, but I really love the British Library. It made me feel rather sad for countries like the USA who just don't have such an old, rich history.
Sorry y'all.  
Unfortunately I was not able to take any photos for you inside the exhibition rooms. Sad.
BUT, I was able to take some photos of St Paul's Cathedral which was next up during my day of being a London Tourist with my awesome Godmother.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

To the best man I know....

Dear Daddy....
Happy Father's Day. 
You are so incredibly wise, loving, caring, kind, inspiring, clever, and not to mention downright hilarious.
You really are the best man I know.
Thank you for always modelling love to us kids. Thank you for showing me, as a woman, what a good and honourable man looks like.
Thanks for loving Mum.
Thank you for always affirming me, encouraging me and inspiring me.
Thank you for always being a fan of what I do, proud of everything I accomplished and thank you for always being there to review my papers.....even in University!
Thank you for teaching me algebra for my SAT.
Thanks for helping me survive high school chemistry.
Thank you for all your prayers over me and for me.
Thank you for all your jokes.
Thanks for all our singing in the car.
Thanks for providing an excellent taxi service.
Thanks for working so hard to provide for our family.
Thanks for constantly sharing the love of Jesus with me.
Thanks for being my Daddy.
I love you.

Last Week in Holland

It is no exaggeration to say that since I have left The Netherlands I have missed it greatly. I miss my University friends the most - I really was blessed to make great great friends whilst studying and now, texting and facebook'ing and whatsapp'ing is just not cutting it! So, yeah, I miss them.
I spent my last week in Holland with a dear friend and her wonderful family in Eindhoven. I love this family (I wrote about them in this post). The weather was so perfect for our last time together. As soon as my final exam was over that was it, 30+ degree heat and glorious sunshine! We spent our time taking walks, running in SHORTS (yep, shorts! Right now in rainy, cold, windy England I can hardly imagine I shall ever see that day again), eating ice cream, lounging in the garden, eating great food, and making music. You can't get much better than that. 

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Rain - really?
Dear London - it was so fun to explore you a little more the other day. Well done for having so many Starbucks coffee stores.
Dear Queenie - I hope you are having some well earned rest after all those crazy shenanigans for your Jubilee. Give my love to Harry, ok?
Dear USA - I really wish you weren't so far away and on a different time schedule 
Dear Bed - it has been great to actually spend a decent amount of time with you after that hectic semester. Thanks.
Dear Dentist -it was so nice to have to pay you for the useless five minutes of attention you gave me the other day.
Dear Family - next month! Next month I get to see you for real!
Dear Holland - I still miss you greatly.
Dear University - yep.....still missing ya....


London Part 1

I had a tourist day in London yesterday y'all! The city really is packed full of fun, interesting and FREE things to do. I spent the day with my Godmother (yes, she is magical) looking around the British Library (OMGeeee....I shall have to tell you about that!), then the British Museum, St. Paul Cathedral and all rounded up with a visit to my favourite gallery, The Tate Modern. It was a great day of rare sunshine and no rain (!!!). Obviously, I took a lot of photos, so I shall share them with you in stages. First up, today, here are some snaps from the British Museum where there is currently a great exhibition called: The Horse; Arabia to Ascot. I loved replacing memories of boring school field trips to this museum with fun new ones. Well worth a visit in my opinion.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Summer Wish List

If the sunshine EVER returns to England, this would be my wish list sufficient for the summer.
(Plus a whole bunch of BBQ's, s'mores and friends).

Monday, 11 June 2012

Life Lately According to Instagram

Oh my has it been raining here in England. I know I am British and it is my duty to constantly complain about the weather, but, serious, we are have to run out of rain some time soon. It is constant. It is relentless. It is insane. My umbrella even broke today.....beyond repair.
Here is life lately according to Instagram. Happy Monday y'all!

Cute Store / Green Pants and Patterns

This gift cards made me laugh!

Gotta love some Pinteresting in Starbucks / India Jane - favourite interior store

Favourite Coffee / Favourite Man

Sleep Puppy / Pie + Coffee = best breakfast
Fruit Salad / Chocolate Cake
Richmond / Flash Gordon