Thursday, 14 June 2012

London Part 1

I had a tourist day in London yesterday y'all! The city really is packed full of fun, interesting and FREE things to do. I spent the day with my Godmother (yes, she is magical) looking around the British Library (OMGeeee....I shall have to tell you about that!), then the British Museum, St. Paul Cathedral and all rounded up with a visit to my favourite gallery, The Tate Modern. It was a great day of rare sunshine and no rain (!!!). Obviously, I took a lot of photos, so I shall share them with you in stages. First up, today, here are some snaps from the British Museum where there is currently a great exhibition called: The Horse; Arabia to Ascot. I loved replacing memories of boring school field trips to this museum with fun new ones. Well worth a visit in my opinion.

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Michelle said...

Gah! I am SO jealous!! I'm dying to visit London someday.