Thursday, 28 June 2012

Friday's Letters

Sunshine today / Snowdon - this weekend's destination! (Image VIA)

Dear Sunshine - THANK YOU for finally making an appearance!! Jeez, it was such a nice change to run with you shining on my shoulders today! Running capri's are not going to cut it if you keep this up - tan lines on the knees are not good...oh well.....out come the shorts.
Dear Sunshine - Please keep shining this weekend whilst I am hiking Snowdon.
Dear Coffee-to-go-Mug - I am so sorry that I forgot about you! In all honesty, now that I have no University Classes for you to join me in (erm...keep me awake through)....I haven't much need for you. So, yes, I am sorry that I left a little bit of coffee in you for the past month, but did you really need to smell like something had died in you??!! You were super gross when I opened you today.
Dear Granny - You are hilarious. I love our coffee dates. I really hope that I will be as awesome as you are when I am 87.
Dear Bicycle - Really? Third puncture in a week....give me a break please.
Dear Sister - We are entering into your Birthday week!! WHooohooo!!!! I wish I could be there in makes me really sad, but we shall celebrate together when I arrive.
Dear USA - I can almost say, "I will be seeing you this month!"
Dear Brother - excited to see you in a few days! Sad that it will be the last time in a while though.
Dear North Face - Please keep me warm and dry on the mountain this weekend.
Dear Readers - Thank you for visiting, commenting and writing me such sweet and encouraging emails! It really does bless my heart! I love "meeting" you all and getting to know you a little bit across this crazy thing called the internet. Happy Weekend!! See y'all Monday!



Lyndsy said...

Can't wait to see pictures from your weekend!

Unpublished Life said...

These are such great letters - Dear Sunshine, don't go away indeed! This sunshine has been amazing and does wonders for the mood!

Love the one about your coffee-to-go-mug too, had me chuckling away at my desk.

Have a great weekend in Snowdon ... it looks stunning!

English Anderson said...

Hooray for sunshine! Glad you finally have some as well. It's been making very brief appearances here in Germany, but I'll take what I can get. Can't wait to see photos of your trip!

Nicholl Vincent said...

I loved reading this!


have a great weekend!

Ashley Slater said...

aw, you are almost back in the US! woop! and I love that you have coffee dates with your granny, just precious! thanks for linking up with me!


Nicole said...

Sunshine always makes running so much more enjoyable :) What part of the USA will you be visiting when you get here? And how is the Netherlands?! I have a HUGE desire to travel out that way before beginning med school.

Treasure Tromp said...

happy weekend!