Wednesday, 31 July 2013

staying sharp

People often ask me about the differences of living in the USA and living in Europe. One of the things that gets mentioned is people's style. I was mortified when, during my first semester here in Boise, I ended up going to Starbucks in my PJ pants with friends that were doing the same. Admittedly, Starbucks was just across the road from their apartment, but still. Mortified. Such things are just not done in Europe. Europeans are "sharp" dressing people is what I tell my US friends. The girls that I work with often talk about how it's a balance working the job that we do and still dressing cute. In all honesty I kind of miss being a sharp dresser on a daily basis. Simple and sharp is how I like it.
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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

it's calling

I have spent this past week in the south. In the deep south that is Alabama. I had a wonderful time and met some great people. I will post about it all very soon.
But for now, I want to talk about adventure. 
I was reminded of the feeling of the new and unexpected and the unknown as I was navigating airports and catching three flights both ways. 
I am currently living in Boise and it is almost the one year anniversary of me moving stateside....for the third time. England - USA - England - USA - England - The Netherlands - USA. 
This is actually the longest time that I have been in one place for the past five years. There are times that I get very itchy feet and I long for a new adventure, a new place, and a big new challenge. But, then again, I also enjoy the way that Boise is becoming comfy and the friends I see every day and share my life with are beginning to feel like family. And this is a feeling that I am willing to treasure for now and cherish with my whole heart. 
But that doesn't mean there isn't room for smaller adventures in and around Boise. It's not required to leave the country to have an adventure. Summer has been so busy and I have quite a few more adventures lined up before school starts again.
Adventures are calling.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

coffee date

If you were to stop by for coffee today, I would tell you that....

Europe is on my mind. Maybe it's because I am wrapping up my Art History summer class with a study of European Medieval art, of maybe it's because I have several American friends running around Europe having adventures without me. Whichever reason it is, all I know is that Europe is on my mind. I am missing Paris today. I am missing the Louvre and getting lost in Versailles....I am missing French cheese and bread and men in striped v neck shirts and well fitting jeans.

I would tell you that this last Art History assignment it taking forever. I always find it hard to concentrate on the last assignment of a class. So close yet so far.

I am resting in Jesus. It feels good to be here.

My heart is overflowing with joy and happiness and excitement for the rest of the summer and the seasons to come.

I am overwhelmed by the good people in my life. Yesterday I received a surprise gift in the mail from a friend from Colorado who I met in Amsterdam who then moved to London and then travelled to Paris with me and now we are both State side....what?! Yep. She mailed me a gift out of the blue which is making me smile a lot right now.

I am addicted to ice cream. I know many of my friends knew this already. But it's true.

I am a little worried about my hair during my visited this week to Alabama. This girl doesn't really deal with humidity too well.

I am full. I am fully satisfied with life. And that is one great, beautiful feeling.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

a family day out

The summer is speeding by and it's been tough to spend time with the family in between work and....adventures! A while back we spent a day together up in McCall. McCall is a beautiful lakeside town about two hours north of Boise. We all love spending time up at McCall (see here) and this day together was great. We took kayaks up to the lake and spent time on the water before grabbing coffee (go figure) and walking around the town. It was puppies first time on the water in her new little life-vest. It went, umm, ok. She will get the hang of it soon I am sure.

Carabiners make great belts....

Coffee stop...obviously it had to be done 

Then...Father's Day! This guy is the best. 

Monday, 15 July 2013

be all there

It's summer vacation don't you know. All spring semester long I will long for summer. I will dream of long, lazy days of laying in the sunshine, reading the books that pile up on my book shelf and drink sun tea with sweet friends. In reality, only a few of my summer days have been spent this way. Life gets busy. No, it gets hectic. I find that even when my days are not necessarily hectic, my mind is still hectic. My head is so full of excitement, worry, fear, joy and happiness that at night I simply can not shut it off. My summer is at the moment a balancing act - I have two jobs, a summer class and a long list of adventures I want to go on as well as many people I adore spending time with. Isn't life always a balancing act? God has really been stirring my heart lately about slowing down and just being. Being still for just a moment so I can capture a little bit of peace and hear His voice a little clearer. It amazes me how He moves....He desires space in my life because He has something for me that will only intensify the joy in my life. In His goodness he moves my heart and asks me to slow down. I don't want to miss what He has for me in this season because I know it will be the greatest gift.

I love life. I love that each day brings new joy, adventure and opportunity. I love being busy, but often I think that I find my identity there. Sometimes I find it hard to stop and be still. I can often find silence awkward. I don't feel comfortable being still, yet I am starting to think that being still is just what I need for my own sanity.

It is Monday morning. I hope you are well and I hope you have a week to look forward to. I am trying to get back on top of this blogging thing we have going here together. I am trying to figure out what I want this little space to be. I want it to be a gift to you as well as a place to connect and share my little crazy life with you all. Thank you for your patience, thank you for still messaging me and staying connected. I hope that you find a little moment of peace today - a moment of true stillness and I pray that it blesses you. Happy Monday.

Monday, 8 July 2013


Someone kindly notified today me that I am half way through my summer vacation...what?? How can this be! Life has been so rich and full lately and the thought of school starting up again is not really a happy thought. Want to know where my happiness is being found these days? I have been finding it in working, studying, running and adventuring away to the mountains and spending time on the river. This summer is so beautiful and sweet. I really am in the sweetest season of life right now. I can not begin to tell you the goodness of knowing Jesus and allowing Him to guide my life. My days have been filled with a near indescribable joy. The days are just not long enough.
Let me share a little of what has been making my smile.
The summer for me began with Raft Guide School. This was a great eight day training program where I learnt to guide white water ready for my first ever summer of being a river guide. Oh my it was a wonderful time spent camping and having fun out on the water all day long. It was tough and a little rough at morning we had snow and I really didn't want to keep practicing my swift water entry and swimming. But my goodness was it an adventure that has now created many memories that I will forever hold close to my heart. I am constantly astounded by the beauty of Idaho and the treasures that can be found in her hills and mountains and canyons.