Sunday, 21 July 2013

coffee date

If you were to stop by for coffee today, I would tell you that....

Europe is on my mind. Maybe it's because I am wrapping up my Art History summer class with a study of European Medieval art, of maybe it's because I have several American friends running around Europe having adventures without me. Whichever reason it is, all I know is that Europe is on my mind. I am missing Paris today. I am missing the Louvre and getting lost in Versailles....I am missing French cheese and bread and men in striped v neck shirts and well fitting jeans.

I would tell you that this last Art History assignment it taking forever. I always find it hard to concentrate on the last assignment of a class. So close yet so far.

I am resting in Jesus. It feels good to be here.

My heart is overflowing with joy and happiness and excitement for the rest of the summer and the seasons to come.

I am overwhelmed by the good people in my life. Yesterday I received a surprise gift in the mail from a friend from Colorado who I met in Amsterdam who then moved to London and then travelled to Paris with me and now we are both State side....what?! Yep. She mailed me a gift out of the blue which is making me smile a lot right now.

I am addicted to ice cream. I know many of my friends knew this already. But it's true.

I am a little worried about my hair during my visited this week to Alabama. This girl doesn't really deal with humidity too well.

I am full. I am fully satisfied with life. And that is one great, beautiful feeling.

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Krista Klebenow said...

Full of love!! Love you sweet girl!