Thursday, 30 January 2014

a fierce kind of beauty

God has been stirring my heart lately in regards to beauty. Beauty is a quality that I think every woman hopes to posses and simultaneously chases after if they feel they lack it. The search for beauty can be dangerous, but it can also be a wonderful adventure if true beauty is discovered.
I am in an incredibly blessed season of my life right now. I live with two beautiful woman who love the Lord and love people with astounding depth. I am surrounded by women in my life who demonstrate beauty to me. I am also dating a man who makes it a priority to tell me I am beautiful and to articulate why I am beautiful, what he is attracted to in me and how he sees me grow, refine my faith and strengthen my character.
Woman are strong. It is in our very creation that this truth stands. It's evident in science that woman are strong: we have the potential to grow life within us and we have been created to emotionally love our children, and others, with a love so furious that we would lay down our lives. That is strength. It is due to this reality that over the years I have found comfort in knowing that my tears are a sign of strength. Tears are proof that things have really hit my heart and caused a reaction that is authentic. I have learnt that passion is beautiful. I have learnt to celebrate strong bodies and a mindset that seeks to strengthen thighs and grow biceps in order that I can do more, be more and live more. I am no longer seeking to be skinny, or to not confess that somedays I really NEED to eat four entire meals before noon....I am hungry and food can build strength when used well.
I have been, and will forever more be, on a journey of self discovery. Lately my conversations over coffee with friends has been about identity, dreams and truth. I am reminded that I hate to fail, I can be stubborn, and I am not always willing to be vulnerable. I have also been reminded though that even before I have done anything, I am worthy. God made me. God made me. He made me in love and gave me a purpose. He placed in me a fierce kind of beauty that will pursue my dreams, seek purpose in life and love extravagantly. I borrow the term a fierce kind of beauty from Bobbie Houston who taught on the subject at a Hillsong conference back in 2009. I have, ever since, been captivated by the idea that beauty is strong and it is fierce. A fierce kind of beauty is one that reaches far beyond body types, hair colour, designer purses or successful careers. A fierce kind of beauty is servant hearted, humble, unrelenting in love and fiercely obedient to God's heart that says life is the greatest adventure you will ever have and I have the best plan for you and this time on earth, so just follow me. 

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Idaho City [Part 1]

This winter break went by with great speed. It turns out when you are working and taking an evening class there is not much time to sit back and catch your breath. Fortunately the class I took was great - in fact, it was probably one of my favorite undergraduate classes that I have taken.
All that to say, when the weekends rolled around, the beau and I tried out hardest to have some mini adventures. The final weekend we had before the Spring semester started was a perfect opportunity for venturing out of Boise up into the snow covered mountains after I finished work on Saturday evening. We decided to head up to Idaho city, relax, and find some hot springs. We managed to make last minute reservations at the hot springs retreat called The Springs for the Monday before class. We spent our Sunday walking around Idaho City, taking in some the history, drinking coffee and then making the spectacular drive over to Lowman to visit the Kirkham hot springs and to camp.
We really lucked out and had the Kirkham hot springs all to ourselves! They weren't quite as hot as we would have liked, but peaceful and rejuvenating none the less.

Friday, 17 January 2014

A trip down memory lane...

Hello world. It's been a while since I have returned to this little space on the web to share my life and heart with you all. It's been a season where I have had to concentrate my time elsewhere. I am sure you understand. Here I am, returning with many things stirring in me heart. This past semester has been a whirlwind...and so has this winter break been also. I have been taking class, it has just finished and then the semester will start officially in just a few days. As I stop to take a breath I was prompted to blog. Many of you have followed me for a while now as I have moved around the world, travelled, studied and explored. What a great blessing it has been to have you a long for the ride, encouraging me as I go and giving advice on places to see, eat and drink coffee on my travels! Today I decided to look back upon my first ever blog post. WAY back in 2011 - way back when I had just moved back to England from the USA, before I had even started applying for University or sat my SAT,  before I moved to the Netherlands, then watched my parents move to Boise, before I had travelled Europe some more and then relocated back to the USA. It has been quite the adventure. I am refreshed and looking forward to many more adventures ahead and I hope to be able to share them with you all as I go. Here is a repost of my first blog post ever....

Who I Am...

I am... constantly learning
I want... a family of my own one day (I hope to raise a tribe of great, adventurous boys and girls!) Give me ten years…five at least….
I have... wonderfully wise parents - their insight amazes me constantly.
I wish...every man had good manners. I also wish that I could experience a studio session with Coldplay.
I knees! Some days they will just not run as far as the rest of my body wants to.
 I fear...wasting time and not marrying John Mayer
I hear... soft soul music and it always warms my heart. The voices of Jack Johnson, Colbie Caillat and Carol King are always adored. I always hear the music in movies.
I search...for a little bit of silence each day. Just to remain sane.
I wonder... how many times God laughs at me each day.
I regret... not being straight with friends when I should have been.
I I also love the idea of living by the ocean and being a beach babe.
I ache...for anyone who does not know Love. And I ache for my Taylor when we are separated.
I always...promise myself I will not be late the next time I have a date….it hardly ever happens!
I ice cream every day (But I also floss and run everyday so that balances that out…right?!)
I am not...fearless! Sometime I get through scary things because I don’t want to look scared to others when I am actually freaking out inside.
I dance...a lot…but hate dancing under pressure. In my mind I’m like JT.
I sing...a whole bunch everyday.
I never...want to let anyone down. But it happens and I am learning. I also never welcome rudeness, I know that I am English but, really there is never any need to be rude.
I sometimes…wish I was a pro tennis player….or a surfer. They just seem like the best jobs ever.
I cry... a bucket load every once in a while.
 I am not always...very welcoming to change. But, once I swallow my pride and get on with it I love the adventure.
I socks constantly.
I am people.
I need...sunshine to be happy. Mountains help also.
I should...start collecting air miles! I just never seen to get round to it and I miss out on free flights!