Saturday, 28 July 2012

Hello and Goodbye

Hey y' heard me y'all!
I arrived safe and sound in the US of A after a very long day of travelling; three flights, four airports and a lot of fun and random conversations with fellow travelers. After a couple of days here at the family ranch I am off again. I am not too good at staying in one place for very long! I am off for a week of white water rafting (!!!) so please forgive me for being a bad blogger and not posting for a while - why not check out the awesome bloggers I have featured on my right hand side bar. I promise they are all worth a look! Have a great week and pop back soon to hear all about my trip.

The amazing view I get to wake up to

Love these hills

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

What I want my Life to be about

Today I am bound for the USA....for at least the next two years. I am excited but nervous, happy and sad in pretty even amounts, uncertain but trying to remain hopeful. During times of transition, change, and unrest I always try to stop and remember the things that are in my heart. As I move forward into this new season in my life, I have reminded myself of what I want my life to be about; things are are present in my life today, and things I am hopeful the future will hold.
Happy Wednesday - as always you can find all these images on my pinterest boards HERE

1 / Reading as much as I can, whenever I can
2 / Being blown away
3 / Partying
4 / Taking risks and having adventures
5 / Enjoying good coffee
6 / Taking photos and capturing moments
7 / Being just a little crazy
8 / Dancing
9 / Taking road trips and always enjoying the great outdoors
10 / Being still for a few moments, every once in a while
11 / Growing babies...
12 / ....And then adoring them

Monday, 23 July 2012

The Little Things

I only have a couple more days here in the UK before I move to the USA for a while. Saying goodbyes are hard, so the little things are making me smile at the moment. Although, you want to know the thing that is really making me smile right now? The sunshine finally appeared. Love.
(Scroll to the bottom for details on a sweet award I was nominated for!)

Favourite Blush

Taylor all packed up ready to travel

New running shoes - on sale!

Finally gotten around to reading this much talked about / highly recommended book

And.....I also got nominated for an award by a blogging friend over at Love & Baileys!! I am a tad chuffed to say the least. So here come the details...

+  Someone "gave" this award to you? Create a blog post including 11 random facts about yourself.
+  Also in that blog post, answer the 11 question the person that nominated you has given you (see mine below) and make up another 11 questions for the people you will nominate.
+  Give this award to 11 blogs and link them in your post!
+ Tell those people that you have nominated them for the award.
+ You cannot nominate the person that has nominated you.

Random Facts:
- My favourite flowers are Tulips.
- I can be pretty open about a lot of things in my life, but somethings are just very private and I won't talk about them.
- I love my Taylor guitar.
- I am THAT person on the plane that will need to go to the toilet every ten minutes.
- I will instantly loose respect for a person if they have bad table manners. I am British and I like good manner.
- I like peanut butter with most things....bananas, apples, chicken, in a sandwich, with ice cream, in smoothies. Addict.
- I prefer studying in coffee shops over silent libraries.
- I would be devastated if John Mayer and I don't meet and get married.
- I grew up horse riding and love escaping to the hills on a horse.
- I tend to brag about the fact that my bro can play Sweet Child of Mine on his guitar, behind his head like a real rock star.
- I happen to think that Rachel McAdam was incredibly stupid to question Channing Tatum being her husband in the Vow. She really should have just gone with the flow and happily accepted how lucky she was.

Answers to Lisa's Questions:
1. Which is your favourite city? - Tough one, I adore Paris (Find my photos here) but I love Bath, England where I spent summers with my Grandparents when I was growing up.
2. If you could marry a celebrity, which one would it be? - John Mayer.
3. Which author do you desperately want to publish a new book? - John the Disciples of Jesus. I am certain it would be a great read.
4. Who is your style icon? - Diane Kruger
5. What/Who do you blog for or why do you blog? - A way to share my travels with people / a hobby / creative outlet.
6. Is this your first award? - Yes, so chuffed!
7. Which one is your favourite blog post (of the ones you have written yourself)? - My last day in Amsterdam before I finished at my University in the Netherlands. So many good memories.
8. Favourite song at the moment? - Sexy and I know it by LMFAO.
9. Which singer/band would you like to see at a concert?  - Aerosmith, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Ben Howard, Ray LaMontagne.
10. Favourite cocktail (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)? - I love a good G&T, also I like a good Margarita or a White Russian.

My Questions for my nominees..
Favourite candy bar? / Favourite memory? / Book or magazine? / Back seat driver? / Which actor would play you in a movie of your life? / Guilty pleasure TV show? / Favourite place to go? / Top on your wish list for travel destination? / Pink or blue? / Boys in skinny jeans, hit or miss? / How do you like your coffee?

My nominations go to.....Desperate English Teachers / Hope Engaged / Wish it. Dream it. Do it. / My Life and other Nonsense / A Catchy Chorus / In Search of Sunshine / Most What Matters / Our Little Balham Life / We Took the Road Less Travelled / The Little Pink Heart / The Pursuit of Lynsey

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Life Lately According to Instagram

Best Pecan Pie Around /  Smile!

Out on my Runs

Muddy Pony / New Bangles

Smashing Coconuts with the cool kids / Flash Gordon

Warning / Giant Tortoise

Friday, 20 July 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Sunshine - Thank you for making an appearance yesterday. I hear you are coming back this weekend? Oh please do!
Dear Granny - I really enjoyed our last coffee date and walk.
Dear Bread and Patissarie stand on the market - Fancy moving to the US with me?
Dear Self - Please try and get some good rest before we fly. I know things are stressful and there is so much to do, but we need to sleep also.
Dear Countryside - It has been so nice to enjoy you on my runs now that the sun came out. I know that I shall miss you terribly when I have to start running in the Boise sandy foothills.
Dear Suitcases - It would be my worst nightmare for one of you to not make the journey or break along the way or be too heavey....please plesae please....just, work with me, ok?
Dear University Fall Schedule - How about letting me do a class I ACTUALLY want to take?
Dear Holland - I miss you so.


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Oh Bicycles....

One of my favourite things about the Netherlands is the cycling culture. I already miss being able to ride my bicycle everywhere! (See this post). I shall always adore the memories of cycling to the beach, loading my groceries onto my bike, speeding around the cobbled side streets of my old University town and saying a prayer as I slid through the snow during the cold winter. One of the first Dutchie skills I had to acquire when I arrived at University was the nack of jumping on the back of a moving bike in a smooth took a few goes before I got it down. I loved catching rides on the backs of bicycles, navigating my way back after a night out with tipsy friends....and well....there is nothing sweeter than riding your bicycle and holding hands with a cute boy whilst he rides beside you. Holland - I miss you. I have been pinning bicycles ever since returning to the UK. Here are some favourites.
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Sunday, 15 July 2012

No. 2 Pound Street

I finally figured out where my love for coffee comes from: my sweet Granny. For the last few years, going out for coffee has been "the thing" that we do - my Granny, my Mum and I - three generations of coffee lovers. I have been here in England for a just over a couple of months now (and only 10 more days left!!) and I have been trying to cram in as many coffee dates with my Granny as possible. I adore sharing time with her, hearing about her life and talking to her about my own hopes and dreams. Her and my Grandad have always encouraged my travelling and studying - they love to hear about my life and I definitely think I inherited my adventurous side from them! My Granny and I have our favourite deli that we tend to always go to, but yesterday I persuaded her to try somewhere new. There is a little Wine&Food store in Wendover, Buckinghamshire that I would pass quite often and think, "I need to go there some time" but never got around to it. With only 10 days (!!!) left in this country I thought it was about time I went. I can safely say that it is well worth a visit! The store is my kinda place : good cheese, wine, coffee and local produce food. They even do giant bottles of wine. It is the type of place where locals go in and order, "my regular please" and are presented with an espresso shot or glass of wine at the bar. My cappuccino was heavenly and my Granny sure did enjoy her Americano! After we had drained our cups, I didn't hesitate to try some cheeses and wines and I ended up purchasing some of the most glorious, but very smelly, cheese ever.....what a great Saturday morning.


Friday, 13 July 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Bro - Thanks for visiting. It was so good to see you and I hate the thought that it is going to be a while before we see each other again.
Dear Grandparents - You really are all so wise and wonderful to hang out with. Thank you for all our awesome woodland walks and coffee dates.
Dear Mosquitos/Bugs/Whoever you are - I know my legs are yummy but please stop snacking on them.
Dear last-week-and-a-half-in-England - This is going to be hectic! 
Dear Friends - Thank you for all making time for me before I leave! It warms my heart that you want some QT with me before I jet off.
Dear Suitcases - ok, please hold everything I need.
Dear Coffee - You save my life and bring me so much joy. Ta.
Dear Sunshine - The lack of you is really getting me down! Come on.


Thursday, 12 July 2012

if you really knew me

*Inspired by Jenni and Ashley .... aka blantanly copied from these lovely ladies!

 Photo by Caleb Stumberg 
+ You would know that I have an unhealthy obsession with Rum and Raisin Ice Cream.
+ You would know that I never brush my hair.
+ You would know that one summer I assisted a doctor in Ecuador and have probably seen more va-ja-ja's than....well....a lot of people....combined....and doubled.
+ You would know that I don't like horror movies at all.
+ You would know that I never use to floss until a friend so terrified me about the repercussions of not flossing that I will now get out of bed to do so rather than fall asleep un-flossed.
+ You would know that I don't like dogs the size of rats - just get a freakin real dog.
+ You would know that if a guy doesn't hold the door open for me, he's yesterday's news.
+ You would know that I really don't like snakes.
+ You would know that I have a tendency to get very overwhelmed with the fear that I am making a mistake or making the wrong decision.
+ You would know that I love being outside and I am a happy camper.
+ You would know that I love TOMS shoes.
+ You would know that I need, I repeat NEED, good coffee in the morning.
+ You would know that I go running for fun.
+ You would know that I plan on being The First Lady of the US one day.
+ You would know that I have lived in three different countries.
+ You would know that I always cry during the movie Little Women - pretty much beginning to end.
+ You would know that I can not sleep when I am stressed or worried about something.
+ You would know that I have a tree named after me in Kenya.
+ You would know that I firmly belief that cereal can count for dinner and candy can substitute an entire meal.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Ok, so.....lately I have ended up having a lot of conversations with people about tattoos. Mainly with guys. They often ask me what I think of them, what kind of tattoos I consider to be ok and then the conversation normally ends up with them asking whether I think they would look good with one or not. My normally response was that (in my opinion) tattoos can be pulled off (often look kinda awesome) on tanned and ripped and handsome men.
But then.  The other week, I was riding the subway in London (for other native Brits : tube) and I saw a guy with a casper the friendly ghost tattoo and a hello kitty tattoo.
No amount of tanned-ness or ripped-ness or handsome-ness is going to pull that off.
So I changed my mind. It just depends on what you are having tattooed, where and why. But here are a few pins of men that I consider able to pull off heavy case you wanted to see.
(All images can be found on my pinterest account : HERE)

Lenny Kravits / Adam Levine / David Beckham

Monday, 9 July 2012

Life Lately According to Instagram

Wow...this is a hectic time! I fly out to the US THIS MONTH! It has reached to point where a long "things-to-do-before-leaving-the-country" list has been drawn up. One of my pet peeves is inefficient people. It seems every person in an office that I have to deal with is inefficient. My patience is being tried. There are still things in The Netherlands that need wrapping up, things to sort here in the UK and then still things to sort out in the US ready for my arrival and my starting a new University. Whilst all this craziness has been going on I have still been trying to rest, run and enjoy my time here with friends. Does life ever slow down??!! But then again, I would be the first to complain if my life was boring! I would rather adventure any day. And that is what this all is - one big adventure.

G&T's / All sorted at the Embassy - yay
Country Lanes / Summer Fruits

Such cuties!

Had one day of sunshine (!!!) / Skyping with the sister on her bday
England / Wales
Oh Harley... / Snowdon
Impressed / Down time

Saturday, 7 July 2012


Last weekend my Godmother and I tackled Snowdon in North Wales. To say the weather was bad would be an understatement! It was extremely windy, with rain and hail and fog. But that didn't stop us from reaching the summit, where, according to Google, there are incredible views.......but we didn't see them - did I mention the weather was bad?? Well, the fog near the top was so bad that we could barely see the edge of the trail and I climbed on hands and knees up the steps to the "official photo spot".
But we did it. We climbed a mountain and survived. Until the last hour of our climb, we did have good views - BREATHTAKING views. I had no idea that this area of Great Britain was so spectacular. If you can, take a visit. Happy Weekend y'all!

At the beginning

I am really good with directions...

The Mountain is behind the cloud. Promise.

Where the crazy awesome views are normally from...according to Google

At the top baby!