Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Sweet Sixteen

I may end up becoming American by choice, but for now, I am British through and through. You may be expecting a 4th of July post, all American Style.
Sorry to disappoint. (But Happy Independence Day y'all).
Today, our family has something else worth celebrating - my little sister's birthday.
Sixteen?!! Really! Where did the time go?
Beth - I can still remember when you was running around the house in your nappies, turning up to the dinner table with blackberry stains on your cheeks whilst shaking your head profusely when mum asked, "Have you been in the fruit bushes?". I can still remember how you would always offer the last sweet in your packet to someone else (normally me) and I can still remember your hilarious temper tantrums (not that those don't happen any more, of course) and I can still remember that awesome tie-dye t-shirt you lovingly made for me at primary school....and that poem you wrote me.....you really are the most generous, beautiful and kind person I know. I love you. I love that you are my sister. You are such a beauty!
My sweet sister, I hope you enjoy your day and I sorry we have to spend it together over skype. Next year I shall be there. Promise.


Katie Cook said...

ahhh SO sweet! Happy birthday to your sister! I have 2 and I adore them...it's fun to see the memories you have with your sister!!! love Katie

Laura Rafferty said...

Haha we can swap, I'm English but would kinda like to go to a July 4th party. Which really is quite unpatriotic! You have such a lovely blog here, I can't wait to read more!