Monday, 9 July 2012

Life Lately According to Instagram

Wow...this is a hectic time! I fly out to the US THIS MONTH! It has reached to point where a long "things-to-do-before-leaving-the-country" list has been drawn up. One of my pet peeves is inefficient people. It seems every person in an office that I have to deal with is inefficient. My patience is being tried. There are still things in The Netherlands that need wrapping up, things to sort here in the UK and then still things to sort out in the US ready for my arrival and my starting a new University. Whilst all this craziness has been going on I have still been trying to rest, run and enjoy my time here with friends. Does life ever slow down??!! But then again, I would be the first to complain if my life was boring! I would rather adventure any day. And that is what this all is - one big adventure.

G&T's / All sorted at the Embassy - yay
Country Lanes / Summer Fruits

Such cuties!

Had one day of sunshine (!!!) / Skyping with the sister on her bday
England / Wales
Oh Harley... / Snowdon
Impressed / Down time

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