Friday, 20 July 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Sunshine - Thank you for making an appearance yesterday. I hear you are coming back this weekend? Oh please do!
Dear Granny - I really enjoyed our last coffee date and walk.
Dear Bread and Patissarie stand on the market - Fancy moving to the US with me?
Dear Self - Please try and get some good rest before we fly. I know things are stressful and there is so much to do, but we need to sleep also.
Dear Countryside - It has been so nice to enjoy you on my runs now that the sun came out. I know that I shall miss you terribly when I have to start running in the Boise sandy foothills.
Dear Suitcases - It would be my worst nightmare for one of you to not make the journey or break along the way or be too heavey....please plesae please....just, work with me, ok?
Dear University Fall Schedule - How about letting me do a class I ACTUALLY want to take?
Dear Holland - I miss you so.



Nicola Purkins said...

Found your blog through Ashley's :)
Love meeting (over the interweb!) another brit!! Love your blog :)
Newest follower, Nic x

Nicholl Vincent said...

what a cute little place!

come say hi at

have a great Friday!

Katie Cook said...

Amen about the patisserie! I wish they were as good here in the US as they are in Europe! I'm gluten free and I was blown away by how many places in the UK have gluten free pastries and bread, wow!

Treasure Tromp said...

oh, I hope your suitcases make it!

Theresa.Like,totally said...

Sally! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, as you can read here:
Yours is my favourite blog!!!

Beate said...

The pastries look delicious! *yum*

I'll keep my fingers crossed that your suitcases will survive! :)