Tuesday, 24 July 2012

What I want my Life to be about

Today I am bound for the USA....for at least the next two years. I am excited but nervous, happy and sad in pretty even amounts, uncertain but trying to remain hopeful. During times of transition, change, and unrest I always try to stop and remember the things that are in my heart. As I move forward into this new season in my life, I have reminded myself of what I want my life to be about; things are are present in my life today, and things I am hopeful the future will hold.
Happy Wednesday - as always you can find all these images on my pinterest boards HERE

1 / Reading as much as I can, whenever I can
2 / Being blown away
3 / Partying
4 / Taking risks and having adventures
5 / Enjoying good coffee
6 / Taking photos and capturing moments
7 / Being just a little crazy
8 / Dancing
9 / Taking road trips and always enjoying the great outdoors
10 / Being still for a few moments, every once in a while
11 / Growing babies...
12 / ....And then adoring them


Beate said...

Have a safe trip overseas!

I love every little thing that you want your life to be like and I keep my fingers crossed for you it will be just like this and even better :)


Nicola Purkins said...

Wish you all the best over in the US...have a safe journey *eeeeeek* how exciting!!!
Nic x

Niken said...

that's a good list to do with life.
i;m sure you'll have it all.

p.s : i LOVE coffee too!

Katie said...

Good luck on your move! I remember my moving to the States day like it was yesterday....and now it has been over 6 years! Where abouts are you moving to?


Unpublished Life said...

Have a safe trip to the US and those are great things to always keep in mind!

Good luck and can't wait to read more from across the pond:)


Amy @ My Life and Other Nonsense said...

Ah, I love your posts Sally. Such beautiful photos you've assembled and sweet wishes for the future. The BEST of luck on your travels to the US!! I am going to stop by Idaho sometime and we will have that cup of coffee. :) Much love and prayers for safe travels!

The Vintage Boomer said...

Congratulations - I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Here's my post and you can read about the rules. Do as much or as little as you can. It's just fun to connect with other bloggers.


Theresa.Like,totally said...

This is great, I hope it turns all out how you want it to be! Have a good trip to America!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Oh my gosh I loved everything about this post! Beautiful :)

Oh and I have been having problems with my google account, but it let me follow your blog via twitter through your GFC, who knew you could even do that?!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

P.S. growing babies?! I died when I read that...