Sunday, 15 July 2012

No. 2 Pound Street

I finally figured out where my love for coffee comes from: my sweet Granny. For the last few years, going out for coffee has been "the thing" that we do - my Granny, my Mum and I - three generations of coffee lovers. I have been here in England for a just over a couple of months now (and only 10 more days left!!) and I have been trying to cram in as many coffee dates with my Granny as possible. I adore sharing time with her, hearing about her life and talking to her about my own hopes and dreams. Her and my Grandad have always encouraged my travelling and studying - they love to hear about my life and I definitely think I inherited my adventurous side from them! My Granny and I have our favourite deli that we tend to always go to, but yesterday I persuaded her to try somewhere new. There is a little Wine&Food store in Wendover, Buckinghamshire that I would pass quite often and think, "I need to go there some time" but never got around to it. With only 10 days (!!!) left in this country I thought it was about time I went. I can safely say that it is well worth a visit! The store is my kinda place : good cheese, wine, coffee and local produce food. They even do giant bottles of wine. It is the type of place where locals go in and order, "my regular please" and are presented with an espresso shot or glass of wine at the bar. My cappuccino was heavenly and my Granny sure did enjoy her Americano! After we had drained our cups, I didn't hesitate to try some cheeses and wines and I ended up purchasing some of the most glorious, but very smelly, cheese ever.....what a great Saturday morning.



Diane said...

lovely pictures! my loves for coffee comes from my grandma as well! everytime i look photos of you and your grandma makes me miss my grannny. i grew up with her and she passed away few months after i moved in US... i love reading your blog! ;p

Erin O'Riordan said...

You're teasing me with all these delicious-looking things.

Shireen said...

Hi Sally~ new GFC follower! I found your blog and am SO thrilled to find another coffee addict..I mean lover.. :) Your photography is absolutely stunning- I just want to climb inside your pics and have a coffee with you and your granny! How cute! I'd love if you would do a photo feature on my blog- but I cannot find your email. Will you email me if you want to participate? shireen @

Cheers, looking forward to more posts!