Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Ok, so.....lately I have ended up having a lot of conversations with people about tattoos. Mainly with guys. They often ask me what I think of them, what kind of tattoos I consider to be ok and then the conversation normally ends up with them asking whether I think they would look good with one or not. My normally response was that (in my opinion) tattoos can be pulled off (often look kinda awesome) on tanned and ripped and handsome men.
But then.  The other week, I was riding the subway in London (for other native Brits : tube) and I saw a guy with a casper the friendly ghost tattoo and a hello kitty tattoo.
No amount of tanned-ness or ripped-ness or handsome-ness is going to pull that off.
So I changed my mind. It just depends on what you are having tattooed, where and why. But here are a few pins of men that I consider able to pull off heavy case you wanted to see.
(All images can be found on my pinterest account : HERE)

Lenny Kravits / Adam Levine / David Beckham

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