Saturday, 28 July 2012

Hello and Goodbye

Hey y' heard me y'all!
I arrived safe and sound in the US of A after a very long day of travelling; three flights, four airports and a lot of fun and random conversations with fellow travelers. After a couple of days here at the family ranch I am off again. I am not too good at staying in one place for very long! I am off for a week of white water rafting (!!!) so please forgive me for being a bad blogger and not posting for a while - why not check out the awesome bloggers I have featured on my right hand side bar. I promise they are all worth a look! Have a great week and pop back soon to hear all about my trip.

The amazing view I get to wake up to

Love these hills


Bailey@Lost&Found said...

WOW! Gorgeous family ranch! those rolling hills are lovely. So happy you made it back safe and sound. I'm home too! So so happy! Have a great time white water rafting!!!

Allie Todd said...

Hope you're having fun! :)

...but c'mon, let's be serious... how can you not with a view like that!

hannah margaret said...

I am just beyond excited to find your blog. I just came back from a six month stint in England, desperate to go back. There is nothing like some reverse perspective to teach you a lesson. Your blog is precious, and I thrilled to follow!

xxxx, hm