Sunday, 1 July 2012

A Sunday Walk

Last Sunday, my Godmother, Grandmother and I got together for a morning of walking and coffee drinking (go figure). We are ladies that like to walk in the English countryside and raise our pinkies over a cuppa...yes, we have class because we are British after all. Isn't my Grandmother just the cutest?! She really is a woman of adventure; her school was bombed in WWII when she was just sixteen, so she went to nursing school and then was posted to India, then Kentucky and then Africa. It was in Africa that she met my Grandfather, got married and had babies. I love hearing the stories of their life in Africa. Her sense of adventure is so inspiring and amazing! She has always been my biggest fan and supporter when it comes to travelling and trying to help people - she truely is the most kind, considerate, brave, strong and hilarious woman I know (along with my mum.....I think it is genetic. Or at least I hope it is!)


Lyndsy said...

What fun. And beautiful pictures. Now that I am living in Europe my grandmother has been sharing so many of travel stories with me. It's exciting that I will see some of the same places she's been and we'll both have those great stories.

Treasure Tromp said...

what a beautiful place to spend time with the lovely women in your life.

Katie Cook said...!

Can I PULEASE meet your granny? she is just the most adorable thing ever! And the stories...please post some of her incredible adventures...I love it! Wow!!! love Katie