Sunday, 16 October 2011

For the love of Zara

One more week of exams....and then Fall Break! I shall be heading to Amsterdam to have some adventures in the city. Most certainly one of those adventures will be visiting Zara. Oh how I have missed that store! Hopefully I shall find a few staples worth investing in and maybe some bargains. Here are some snapshots of the beauties they are offering this season. 



Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Study study study...

The dreaded mid-term exams have arrived! My first half semester here at school has flown by but I am looking forward to my fall break so very much. The thoughts of exploring Amsterdam, Rotterdam and enjoying a nice morning lie in are keeping me going through these last two weeks of exams. The glorious sunshine has given way to howling winds and torrential rain - I am selfishly glad! It is not so hard to stay inside and study when the weather outside is so uninviting. I managed to find a coffee shop (or as the Dutch say “Coffee Corner”) that suited my study habits quite well. I have been LONGING for a place where I can buy good coffee, enjoy Wi-Fi and concentrate for hours……I finally found it! The coffee is not so great when it comes to quantity provided - I miss the American rule of free re-fills! It is also harder to eavesdrop when everyone is speaking in another language, but, hopefully those Dutch classes I am enduring at school will start to pay off soon!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Goodbye Summer

I think that Fall is here at last! The rain has been pouring and the wind has been howling all night long. There is something wonderful about curling up inside with a warm blanket, hot cocoa and friends during a storm. But, I will miss the sunny afternoons that welcomed me two months ago. During the sunshine I explored the beach, photographed windmills and cycled past apple farms. As for now I am going to take every opportunity to hug a warm mug of coffee and watch the rain from inside. 

Monday, 3 October 2011

The pretty place I get to call home for now....

(All photos taken using the Iphone Instagram App)
Since it is the early days of this blog site I thought that I would give you a glimpse of the pretty little town that I currently live in. I have only been here a few weeks, but, I think you would agree it is beautiful! The dutch weather has been surprisingly sweet lately and that makes it so much more enjoyable to cycle and walk down the back streets of this town, eat ice cream and discover good coffee.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Getting to know me....just a tad to begin with....

Who I Am...

I am... constantly learning
I want... a family of my own one day (I hope to raise a tribe of great, adventurous boys and girls!) Give me ten years…five at least….
I have... wonderfully wise parents - their insight amazes me constantly.
I wish...every man had good manners. I also wish that I could experience a studio session with Coldplay.
I knees! Some days they will just not run as far as the rest of my body wants to.
 I fear...wasting time and not marrying John Mayer
I hear... soft soul music and it always warms my heart. The voices of Jack Johnson, Colbie Caillat and Carol King are always adored. I always hear the music in movies.
I search...for a little bit of silence each day. Just to remain sane.
I wonder... how many times God laughs at me each day.
I regret... not being straight with friends when I should have been.
I I also love the idea of living by the ocean and being a beach babe.
I ache...for anyone who does not know Love. And I ache for my Taylor when we are separated.
I always...promise myself I will not be late the next time I have a date….it hardly ever happens!
I ice cream every day (But I also floss and run everyday so that balances that out…right?!)
I am not...fearless! Sometime I get through scary things because I don’t want to look scared to others when I am actually freaking out inside.
I dance...a lot…but hate dancing under pressure. In my mind I’m like JT.
I sing...a whole bunch everyday.
I never...want to let anyone down. But it happens and I am learning. I also never welcome rudeness, I know that I am English but, really there is never any need to be rude.
I sometimes…wish I was a pro tennis player….or a surfer. They just seem like the best jobs ever.
I cry... a bucket load every once in a while.
 I am not always...very welcoming to change. But, once I swallow my pride and get on with it I love the adventure.
I socks constantly.
I am people. Why are we so passive?!
I need...sunshine to be happy. Mountains help also.
I should...start collecting air miles! I just never seen to get round to it and I miss out on free flights!

Questions taken from Running On Happiness and Dream Book Design (Other great blogs - check them out!)