Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Study study study...

The dreaded mid-term exams have arrived! My first half semester here at school has flown by but I am looking forward to my fall break so very much. The thoughts of exploring Amsterdam, Rotterdam and enjoying a nice morning lie in are keeping me going through these last two weeks of exams. The glorious sunshine has given way to howling winds and torrential rain - I am selfishly glad! It is not so hard to stay inside and study when the weather outside is so uninviting. I managed to find a coffee shop (or as the Dutch say “Coffee Corner”) that suited my study habits quite well. I have been LONGING for a place where I can buy good coffee, enjoy Wi-Fi and concentrate for hours……I finally found it! The coffee is not so great when it comes to quantity provided - I miss the American rule of free re-fills! It is also harder to eavesdrop when everyone is speaking in another language, but, hopefully those Dutch classes I am enduring at school will start to pay off soon!

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