Sunday, 30 March 2014

yara with a cup of coffee

Whilst visiting here in The Netherlands it was essential that I spend some time visiting with my sweet friend Yara. Yara is an incredibly beautiful gal, inside and out. Every time I spend time with her my heart is left so very blessed and encouraged. During my freshman year in The Netherlands Yara nursed my heartache over homesickness and boys with endless cups of tea and kind words. I am so blessed to know this lady! The other day I visited Yara at the espresso bar where she works and my goodness she made me a yummy cappuccino.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Middelburg Day One

It is wonderful to be back in Middelburg and to meet with friends at old coffee stores and tea shops that were once regularly visited. In one moment it will seems like no time has gone by, whilst in other moments I feel so very changed, altered and grown. It is hard to share two years of life with my old friends when they ask me how I have been. The truth is that these past two years in Boise have been a journey, an adventure, a lot of fun and very rich. I find it hard at times to share how my heart has changed. I am not the same, and I can't expect that people here will be the same as when I left them two years ago. So, here we all are, getting to know each other again over cups of wonderful european coffee.
And that is just fine by me.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

life lately according to instagram

hello! i am safely back in my old Dutch hometown where i use to go to school. it is fairly surreal to be back. so much has changed. so much is just the same. i spent last night partying with old university friends and it was great fun dancing the night away with friends that are so near and dear to my heart. i am looking forward to sharing my adventures here with you, but, for now, let's catch up on life in the usa a little bit! here are some snaps from instagram over the last few months. follow along, username: sargeantsally.

christmas at home / adventures with the pup

sweet sister / the family i am blessed to work with

the greatest room mates / valentines weekend with the beau

spring arrived!

pretty finds / xc skiing fun in utah

utah / conference 

study spot / west wing fun

mr handsome / the place i call home

what a great family i have / mr handsome again

he wanted to buy them all / winter wonderland

Sunday, 23 March 2014

amsterdam bound

tomorrow i embark on an adventure back to my homeland. however, before i land in england i shall be spending time in the netherlands with my old university friends. i am so very excited to revisit some beloved places, drink great coffee with dear friends, run along the beautiful canals and eat some delicious sweet treats.
some of you have been reading along with me on this blog for some time and you may remember that this blog began when i first moved to live in the netherlands. i started this blog in order to share my adventures with family, friends and whoever chose to join the journey. i have been slacking lately. well, not slacking....i just needed a break from blogging.
but, since i am returning to where this all started, why don't we start again? amsterdam here i come.