Monday, 8 July 2013


Someone kindly notified today me that I am half way through my summer vacation...what?? How can this be! Life has been so rich and full lately and the thought of school starting up again is not really a happy thought. Want to know where my happiness is being found these days? I have been finding it in working, studying, running and adventuring away to the mountains and spending time on the river. This summer is so beautiful and sweet. I really am in the sweetest season of life right now. I can not begin to tell you the goodness of knowing Jesus and allowing Him to guide my life. My days have been filled with a near indescribable joy. The days are just not long enough.
Let me share a little of what has been making my smile.
The summer for me began with Raft Guide School. This was a great eight day training program where I learnt to guide white water ready for my first ever summer of being a river guide. Oh my it was a wonderful time spent camping and having fun out on the water all day long. It was tough and a little rough at morning we had snow and I really didn't want to keep practicing my swift water entry and swimming. But my goodness was it an adventure that has now created many memories that I will forever hold close to my heart. I am constantly astounded by the beauty of Idaho and the treasures that can be found in her hills and mountains and canyons.

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phyllis nobles said...

This story and these photos made me smile :) It's so good to see you here! I had the same kind of moment yesterday - so set my clock for 5:20 and woke up early because I've been sleeping too late and don't want to let the best of summer get away from me ... enjoy x