Thursday, 27 June 2013

summer sunshine (and I am still alive)

Hello. I am back.
If there were an award for the worst blogger (knowing the world wide web, there probably is) I would have been in the running these last few weeks. Sorry to disappear on y'all there. In short, summer vacation began and life got kind of crazy. I seem to always invision stumbling into a restful season filled with lazy days, ice tea and casual adventures......I have yet to actually enter such a season. Summer vacation, thus far, is normal life on steroids. Busy. My friends have found out that if they want a coffee date, then they need to happen in the wee hours of the morning.

But I am not complaining. God has got me in a sweet sweet season. He has been so good to this little heart of mine that was in a lot of pain during the season previous. I can not wait to tell you more about what He has been stirring in my heart, passions He has been reminding me of and the joy He has been downloading into my life.

So yes, life is hectic. I am balancing a lot and my brain is full. But my heart is full also and that is all that matters.

Happy summer everyone. Let's make it one we shall never forget......

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phyllis nobles said...

very happy to see you here - as always - and as always you are looking beautiful! happy summer & wish we could meet up for coffee xx