Sunday, 17 June 2012

To the best man I know....

Dear Daddy....
Happy Father's Day. 
You are so incredibly wise, loving, caring, kind, inspiring, clever, and not to mention downright hilarious.
You really are the best man I know.
Thank you for always modelling love to us kids. Thank you for showing me, as a woman, what a good and honourable man looks like.
Thanks for loving Mum.
Thank you for always affirming me, encouraging me and inspiring me.
Thank you for always being a fan of what I do, proud of everything I accomplished and thank you for always being there to review my papers.....even in University!
Thank you for teaching me algebra for my SAT.
Thanks for helping me survive high school chemistry.
Thank you for all your prayers over me and for me.
Thank you for all your jokes.
Thanks for all our singing in the car.
Thanks for providing an excellent taxi service.
Thanks for working so hard to provide for our family.
Thanks for constantly sharing the love of Jesus with me.
Thanks for being my Daddy.
I love you.


Nicole said...

aww, what a sweet post. Happy Father's day to your papa!

MostWhatMatters said...

What a sweet love note to your daddy! I wish I could write so nicely to mine today. =(

Tori Anne said...

this is so sweet, dads really are the greatest! love your blog!!

Katie Cook said...

Amen to good father's! Love it! aannnddd....did you get to see the Jubilee? We were in Ireland, so we missed it, but I thought about you:) ahhh I miss ENgland now! love Katie

Shandale said...

It is very nice that you appreciate your father. You are blessed to have a father like that.