Wednesday, 27 June 2012

If only the sunshine showed up, I would...

1 / Walk the English Coastline
2 / Buy this gorgeous Mikoh Bikini
3 / Wear cute shorts
4 / Get a hat
5 / Take more bike rides
6 / Improve my boarding skills (erm...get some!)
7 / Watch the sunsets
8 / Hang out on the beach
9 / Find a handsome shirt-less musician (FYI - this is not a weather restricted activity)
10 / Make home-made lemonade
11 / BBQ every night
12 / Make and drink Mojitos all evening day long
13 / Wear flowers in my hair
14 / Wear cute summer dresses
15 / Start the day with ice coffee

All images can me found on my Pinterest Account HERE


Bailey@Lost&Found said...

The coastline looks amazing! I'll walk it with you :)

Cait said...

omg love those pins girl :) great choices! cute blog too!

Sidne said...

great pics. one word, CAREFREE

Theresa.Like,totally said...

Come back to Middelburg, it is boiling hot here right now (not so much fun if you have to move out and clean everything -sigh-). Good luck with the shirtless musician ;)

Amy @ My Life and Other Nonsense said...

"Find a handsome shirt-less musician (FYI - this is not a weather restricted activity)" LOL! I love your Pinterest finds! And that swimsuit is adorable.

Sammantha said...

Absolutely jealous you are gonna be in the mountains, here in MN it is SUPER hot!

Loving your blog lady! Stop by and say hi sometime!

Sammantha said...

This was adorable!