Wednesday, 20 June 2012

I Just Kinda Want To.....

1 / watch (500) days of summer
2 / maybe, sort of, perhaps, consider bangs like this
3 / hang by a pool in the sunshine
4 / ride my bicycle to a coffee store and start the day right
5 / meet my Mac Book Pro who is waiting for me in the USA
6 / be a blonde belle (some days)
7 / not miss my sister's birthday on July 4th
8 / know this to be true
9 / do this
10 / marry this guy
11 / take a road trip
12 / have a roof-top picnic
13 / eat this. right. now.

(All images can be found on my pinterest account HERE


Alejandra @ The Alegator Articles said...


Amy @ My Life and Other Nonsense said...

Oh, love your Pinterest finds! That pic of Ryan Gosling is adorable. :)

Sally said...

Hey, another Sally!

Life With Lauren said...

Great pins and happy birthday to your sister on the 4th!

Nicole Acevedo said...

Love this list!
Haha, #10 was on my "What I Love Wednesdays" post today! Gorgeous man, :).

Nicole said...

oh man, love this post!

BlushnCheeks said...

I have dove off cliffs in Jamaica before. So fun!! Am loving the pins. I want to Marry him too. Of course I would be a bigamist, hmmm.. Damn it, ok ill divorce, and we will have to fight for Ryan.