Friday, 8 June 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Sky - Please. Stop. Raining. Down. On. Me. It's all just too much. It is freakin' June!
Dear Life - Please sort yourself out.
Dear Coffee - You know I love you.
Dear Body - I know it has been a hectic semester of studying, partying and abusing coffee...but come on, stop demanding so much sleep please!!
Dear Suitcases - So.......we need to head state-side together next month, and I think you are way too heavy....can you please remedy that asap??
Dear London - It was so wonderful to see you again!! Please don't ever change.
Dear Starbucks - THANK YOU FOR FREE RE-FILLS!!! They do not grasp this concept in the Netherlands and it so nice to be back with you. You and me, we make sense together.
Dear Sky - Let me say again. Please. Stop. Raining. Down. On. Me.
Dear Jane Eyre - You are proving to be quite the great read.
Dear World - Please give me a great temp job.
Dear Sister - Thanks for our fun evening via skype. I can not wait to see you in the flesh after 11 months apart!
Dear Blogging Friends - I love meeting you! I really does make me smile so very much when we exchange messages!
Dear Dutch University - I still miss you. Strange that.
Dear Student Bar - I still miss you the most.
Dear US University - You are starting to scare me a little! I hope we get along fine when I reach you in the Fall.
Dear American Football - Guess I should learn your rules so I can truly embrace being a Boise Bronco?!
Dear Plaid PJ's - Let's hang out all day together, ok? Ok.



Val said...

Hey Sally! Oh,I love the color of your nails!! :)
And I may not be soooo in love with coffee, but it's great to have a cup (or more) of it when it's raining! Hehe. (And I suddenly felt the urge to have a cup of it NOW):)


Bex said...

I love that you're English and writing a letter about the weather - as you may know, its absolutely pouring it down here in good old England!

I would love to visit the Netherlands, they sound amazing! xo

Anonymous said...

New follower from Friday's Letters! Look forward to reading more here on your blog!

Tiana said...

oh, sally!
how you made my heart flutter with my button on the side of your blog :D thank you for that. truly.

i LOVE those nails. you are totally rocking them and inspiring me :)

and, i didn't know you were from england! you MUST tell me all about it :D

tiana of l'esthetique

Theresa.Like,totally said...

love the nail polish! xxx