Wednesday, 29 October 2014

coffee date

If you were to stop by my place on this beautiful fall morning, I would hand you a cup of hot coffee and a home made muffin.

I would tell you that I am only two months away from getting married to a great, handsome and honorable man. Said man happens to also be my best friend and the best adventure partner.

I would tell you that I am filled with joy every time I ride my beautiful surly bike that Mr. Handsome gifted me. We also fitted a front rack on to it last night...getting closer and closer to being ready to tour the world!

I would tell you that I am excited to start creating a home with Mr. Handsome soon.

I would tell you that I am also so sad to be leaving my house of gals! I am not certain that Mr. Handsome shall get as excited as my current roomies do about painting nails, baking muffins, mixing cocktails and watching chick flicks.

I would tell you that I got very excited by the new winter gear that arrived at work yesterday! We are all set to prepare people for awesome outdoor winter adventures!

I would tell you that I am slightly terrified that the semester is coming to an end so soon - I still have a ton of homework to get done.

I am overjoyed that I get to see my bro and his wife for the holidays. I feel so blessed to have family from England and a dear friend from the Netherlands coming to little old Boise for graduation, Christmas, the wedding and New Year.

I would tell you that I love fall in Boise.

I would tell you that I am beside myself with excited to find out what Mr. Handsome has planned for the honeymoon.....just two months to go!

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