Monday, 24 December 2012

twas the night before Christmas

It is Christmas Eve and what a wonderful feeling it is to be home and with my family. We are greatly missing my bro and his fiance who are in England....but we are trying to not let that get us too down.
There is a dusting of snow on the hills, the fire is crackling, the feast is ready for tomorrow and hey, Jesus, it's your birthday.
Tomorrow shall be filled with joy, love, impromptu dance parties (for me), turkey for lunch and elk for dinner with friends, snow fights, snuggles by the fire with the pup, patting ponies and walks through the snow. I hope that you are all set for a good Christmas with the ones you love.
Merry Christmas from the Sargeant Family - may you have a day filled with happiness and love, followed by a year of adventure and blessing!

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india banks said...

Merry Christmas to you & your family Sally! Incredibly jeaous of the snow [70 degrees & rain in mississippi] xx