Sunday, 4 August 2013


I finally got the opportunity to share the river with my family on Thursday. I had a day off work, my parents and sister were free and it was decided that I was going to take them all rafting. Sadly it rained and hailed....but we got out there and had a blast.

When the Sargeant family gets together.....

Dance parties are impromptu and happen regularly. Banana and Walnut bread it baked at midnight. The candy jar is emptied. Great meals are shared. Laughing consumes us. Terrible jokes are told. British TV is watched. Beer is drank on the porch. The sunsets are marveled at. Jesus is thanked for His goodness. The puppy is laughed at. My sister is embarrassed by us. Stories of adventures are shared.

I kinda love these people. Now if only the bro would move over from England, then my joy would be complete.


Anonymous said...

Great photo and fantastic times for you all.
Hi guys.

Marty Kennedy said...

I miss this family!!! Sending hugs and kisses to you all!