Tuesday, 22 April 2014

London, London England

After a wonderful time in the Netherlands I said some very sad goodbyes to some dear friends, packed my backpack and travelled back to the motherland: England. My journey took me about 12 hours and included 2 trains, a bus, a boat, and a couple more trains and a few walks. All through the night. It was quite the adventure and quite a few things went wrong but, those moments provided an opportunity to see my own growth. Whilst other traveler were enraged about delays and French workmen being on strike, I was able to let the stress go and trust that all would be fine. I have learnt that somethings matter in life and are worth worrying about and somethings are not. Taking longer to travel through Belgium or France en route to England was not something I was worried about. Leaving a pair of shoes in The Netherlands is not some thing to worry about, or loosing a Lacrosse ball some where between Belgium and France is also not worth worrying about.

(Side note: I don't always have the great power of discernment, and I regularly stress over things that are not really worth worrying about. In short, I am preaching to myself here).

I arrived in London, ate my breakfast on the steps of the National Gallery as I waited to meet an old University friend. We then took some time to take in some art (The Sir John Soane's Museum is a new favorite of mine), drink some amazing coffee and enjoy the glorious sunshine that has arrived with me. London, I shall always love returning to you.

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