Thursday, 25 September 2014

engagement shoot

A couple of weeks ago the beau and I had the honor of having our engagement photos taken by our dear friend Krista Rogerson. Gosh we just love having such beautiful creative friends! Krista did an exceptional job of capturing what we wanted - our love for one another and for the outdoors. Both the beau and I adore the hills around Boise. We constantly argue about what is the best way to enjoy them....he likes to bike them and I like to run them. We try to compromise and hike them but we both get frustrated that we are not moving fast enough! Its a game of give and take, like all things. Admittedly, I am mountain biking regularly these days and having a blast! We shall keep you posted on how things work out!

Here is a collection of pictures that Krista captured of us. If you are in the business of looking for a young, energetic artist to create something original and unique for you, from photography to murals, to portraiture and landscapes, go check out Krista Rogerson's new website here.  You will enjoy - I promise!


Yara Miora said...

This is amazing! I love how in love you two look and I am so impressed by this lady's photography skills! <3

Unpublished Life said...

Wow! What stunning landscape!! Boise be beautiful!!

phyllis nobles said...

congratulations & best wishes to you x