Saturday, 17 December 2011

Stocking Fillers

Whooohooooo the semester is over!
I can hardly believe that I have survived.

It has been a busy but good last few days of celebrating.

Although the closing of our student bar was very sad....

I felt a tad bad because I finished a few days before most other people so I got to enjoy sleeping in until noon whilst others stressed.
But now we are all done and heading home for the holidays! Yay!
Yes, I have become one of those people - someone that "travels home" for the holidays.
I shall be flying to England on Monday for six weeks to see friends and family.
I am a little sad that I will not see my parents and sister but I know that they will be busy enjoying their first Christmas state side.
Here are a few suggestions for stocking fillers from Jack Wills if you are still stuck for ideas.
I'll say it again - Happy Holidays!


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