Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Wishful Wednesday

I had to face Christmas shopping today.
Normally I look forward to this, but not this year.
After a long and stressful last few weeks, all I wanted to do today was stay in bed.
I finally dragged myself to town at noon and searched the shops for present ideas.
I eventually got on a train with a friend and went to another town to shop where there was more selection.
Where would I like to be today?
My favourite English city for shopping is Bath.
But I also greatly enjoy shopping in San Francisco. Here are some snaps of the great city that I wish I could have spent today exploring further and shopping in. 
I would really love to live in this enchanted city at some point in my life. From China Town to the pier to the yumminess of the Ghirardelli chocolate factory - the city is beautiful.

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