Monday, 11 February 2013

life lately according to instagram

As I mentioned in my last post, life as been overwhelming lately. My plate has been full. No, my plate has been overflowing. When things get tough I tend to retreat. It's what my heart needs : space in the midst of chaos. I have needed to take a break from blogging. My apologies, but, I needed to attempt to deal with life for a short time while away from this little space. But I am back. I still manage to be snap happy in all seasons of life so here is my life lately according to instagram. Follow along here if you fancy! Happy Monday.

New toms / Christmas Day

We had some cute twinsies come to stay!

I love my mountains

These twinsies left for a Spanish adventures (miss them!) / Family time

Summer / adventure dreaming

School and studying began

It's always tea time with me

home made ice cream / cocktail time

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Lyndsy said...

If you venture anywhere near Arizona at any time I insist we meet up! I've missed your blog and have been sad that I haven't been staying on top of following it. Hope life slows down a little for you. Or at least that some things fall off your plate. :)