Wednesday, 30 January 2013

a date

if you were to stop by for a coffee date i would tell you that... has challenged me to a tough season right now...
curve balls keep getting thrown
things just keep getting harder and harder
the semester kicked off to a bad start
i some how managed to sign up for 5 heavy reading classes
(and i am not the biggest fan of sitting still and reading)

i would tell you that i am not the best person to drive with in the snow and ice

i would tell you that my family is kind of feeling the tough season also
my mum shall be going back to England for a couple of weeks
it has to be done, and we shall miss her terribly

i would tell you that i am over winter
i want summer to arrive

i would tell you that i am missing Europe immensely
i have hit the six month wall - i miss my old dutch home
i miss my old dutch friends
i miss European living and and familiarity

i would tell you that i am trying my hardest to buck up and get over my homesickness
but it keeps coming back to bite me in the butt

i would tell you that the idea of graduating in a year  is terrifying me
i have no idea where i shall head after here or what i shall do

however, i would also tell you that the snow topped hills make me smile every morning when i rise
i would tell you that cocktails on sunday night were a great idea

i would tell you that although the hectic nature of this semester is overwhelming, it turns out that keeping physically busy puts a cap on the extent to which my mind wanders and i worry

this semester might almost kill me, but hopefully it shall save me


Amy Lynn said...

Hi there! I happened to stumble upon your site recently, and what a coincidence! I was raised in the Boise area,so I'm enjoying reading your perspective of it :)

Anonymous said...

xxoo Sally Dearest!! He knows and He hears and we love.....

Corals Country said...

It's been a rough semester for me too! hang in there hun!

I really enjoy your blog!

Hope your week gets better!

india banks said...

i feel your pain. believe me. let me know if i can help - i do a mean 20 minute paper edit :) you'll survive beautifully - i'm sure. grad school is good. teaching english overseas - even better. best wishes from me to you xx

Sausan Hanifah said...

Follow you darl, hope you'll follow my blog too :)