Friday, 25 January 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear first week of the semester - you kicked my butt. I was in the library until nearly midnight reading, really? Please improve. Dear ice rain - whoa. You really caught me off guard there. I would actually have preferred a foot of snow. Dear people in Texas, Australia and California - you can stop rubbing it in that you are warm and we are freezing. Dear tea - thanks for keeping me company all week. Dear sister and mother - you girls really know how to bake killer cakes (Dad - thanks for having a birthday so they made a couple!) Dear "surprise day" today - can't wait to find out what you have in store for us. Dear coffee - you are great. Dear roomies - do you really have to travel to Nicaragua for a month??....I am selfishly going to miss you terribly. Dear Spring Break - how far are you away? Please hurry along. Dear Go-Pro - thank you for making awesome promo videos that just make me want to ran and dance around the mountains and have crazy wild adventures!


Michelle said...

Excited about the surprise day, hope its as fun as the anticipation! Ill send some sunshine over your way from Aussie land ... it was a scorcher today I couldnt leave the air conditioning until 6pm tonight to go outside for a BBQ dinner :)

Corals Country said...

Such beautiful pictures! and yes, coffee is always good :)