Sunday, 20 January 2013

keeping it simple

Classes start on Tuesday and I am not ready. I am literally not ready - I totally spaced the whole ordering textbooks thing until yesterday. And I am emotionally not ready. As the holidays approach I always dream of truly resting, catching up on sleep and doing all those things that don't get done during the semester like reading classic novels, re-painting old furniture and such. The holidays hardly ever turn out as I imagine. The Christmas break has been great, don't get me wrong. I have had hours of fun with the family and great times with friends and some wonderful outdoor adventures. However, the time flew by so fast and now I am left with one Sunday afternoon to just be. I am going to cherish these free hours this afternoon to cook, bake, read and do those things that soothe the soul and allow it to just be still for a moment. I am not going to worry about the semester ahead and the uncertainty of life. Sometimes we just need to stop and be still. Happy Sunday.

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Victoria said...

uh oh,hope it goes well anyways :)

love that photo :)