Sunday, 21 April 2013

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This weekend I escaped the city and ran away to my parent's place in the hills. I am so blessed, no spoilt, to have this little place of retreat. Ahhh it soothes my soul to sleep in late, wake up to the mountains and read books in my window seat whilst I watch the clouds pass on by and the sunshine break through. I finally had a chance to get some much needed study done, eat great food, catch up with the family, watch the last duckling arrive and create a blog post right here. Life is life, and admittedly the first thing to get cut from my to-do list is blogging. But I am ok with that, and I hope you are too. Please know that I appreciate all the emails y'all send me and thank you for stopping by Me+Life+Coffee when you do and leaving sweet comments - they really do make me smile. I hope you all have had a great weekend and feel refreshed and ready for the week ahead...happy Sunday!
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Study mode at it's best!

Climbing late at BSU's Dance Marathon

The ducklings arrived

Sand Dunes and Trucker hats / Breakfast coffee and shopping dates

One of the best girlies / My hero

Tea time at work / A great coffee spot

Spring is breaking through / An oldie with my beautiful mamma

Backpacking adventures / Ahhh those were the days

Fire at the parent's place / Morning trail runs

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Yara said...

Yaay such a nice post! I Love reading your posts, lovely pictures and oh I miss you Sally :) SO SO happy to hear you might visit in the future :) <3