Tuesday, 30 April 2013

a look back

Each year as my birthday approaches I can not help but look back on the year that came before, at the season just ending and think about what I have learnt and consider my dreams for the year ahead.
This past year has been one wild adventure. Since my 22nd birthday I have lived in three different countries, done my fair share of navigating train stations and airports, laughing the whole way. I have also had my fair share of struggles, tears and heart breaks. Unfortunately there are still things that my heart is struggling with a whole year later. I hope to learn to let these things go some day. But if I had to articulate one thing that I have most definitely learnt, it would be this:

People matter.

The people you encounter in life are what shape your life the most. I have learnt that one of the greatest blessings in life are friends - good, solid, faithful friends. I am a person of faith. I have faith in a God whose love overwhelms me daily, whose grace astounds me and whose faithfulness can not be challenged. I cling to this faith every time I am uprooted and move. I have faith that the next season will be an adventure and that I will meet new people, create community and have my heart blessed by their presence in my life. And you know what? Never once had God let me down, especially when it comes to community and friendships. There is nothing quite like a good friend. I have been here in Boise for just over eight months and the other night a friend so touched me heart that I heard my thoughts say, "it was worth the stress and the unsettling and moving here, just for this". In that moment, the struggles of life were eclipsed by joy. I was terrified about moving to The Netherlands for University. But I am so glad I did! My freshman year there was extremely rich and I made friendships that continue to amaze me in their depth.

People matter.

I have learnt that hearts are fragile, they are beautiful. I have learnt that there is no greater gift than to give someone your time - time enough to hear their heart.

And now....here is a [small] photo dump of this past year. A new season is beginning and I am dreaming of one filled with joy, adventure, friendships that go deep, love and wonder. And you know what happens when you dream with the God who created the universe? You can know that your dreams are heard and He is putting things in place to make them happen.

My old University

Dutch Family!

Dutch neigbours

Hallway parties...I miss these....very much

Oh she blesses me!

My old University

One of the besties

Amsterdam adventures

Hiking with my wonderful Godmother

Back with family in Boise

New friends in Boise

Back with the folks

New University

Outdoor Program adventures

Love these ladies!

More adventures


Sweet friend and a river trip = perfect


Yara Miora said...

Looks like a very special year! Lovely Sally :) <3

Lyndsy said...

Happy, happy Birthday Sally! Indeed it looked like a special year for you and I'm sure better things are yet to come. Because that's what God does. He amazes you and you think you've seen it all and then he does even more. :)

Enjoy your Birthday!