Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Boise is a beautiful city. It is an incredible hub for outdoor pursuits with an abundance of coffee stores and great places to eat, a few intriguing bookstores and a handful of amazing brewery's thrown into the mix. A friend frequently will smile and say, "oh the magnet that is Boise!" whenever yet another person informs us of their recent relocation to this great city.
I recently was prompted by a friend to consider how I have been changed by this city and the people here and perhaps discover some lessons I have learnt along the way. It is no lie that I definitely dress differently here, I [unfortunately] speak differently and my passions and pursuits have been altered. I owe a lot of this to the outdoors and the laid back approach to life that the outdoor community exudes.

My ideas of what are attractive has been shaped by my environment. When I lived in Europe my thoughts would be along the lines of,

"Check out that sharp Ralph Lauren Suit, Tag Heur watch, leather satchel and sleek BMW. He looks like an Oxford PPE graduate....".

My thoughts now?

"Whoa, check out that dude's sick puffy jacket, osprey backpack with a wealth of quickdraws hanging from it whilst he rides across town, a hydro-flask of organic coffee in hand, on his beautiful ride [aka his Surly bicycle]".

Maybe a slight exaggeration.

I am sure glad my beau loves the outdoors as much as I do. And he sure has some nice gear :)


Amy said...

Gosh, makes me want to visit this city!
It's so interesting how being in different places, really does change the person you are in a lot of ways....
It's neat to see how all the experiences of your life have a part in shaping you.
Thanks for sharing!

Amy said...

Also, I was wondering if you would want to swap buttons? If you are full- it's no problem, just thought I would check!