Friday, 7 February 2014

Idaho City [Part 2]

I can't believe it has already been a couple of weeks since the Beau and I had our little Idaho City camping trip before classes began for the Spring Semester. Time continues to fly by and we are already getting ready for our next adventures which may or many not include skiing, mountains and a yurt....stay tuned!
Our little trip to Idaho City was just not long enough for me. The Beau is extremely good at getting me to slow down, take a breath and enjoy some peace and quiet. We spent the majority of our first day walking around Idaho City with hot coffee in our hands, looking at the old buildings, chatting with locals and enjoying the pretty view across the mountains from the chapel on the hill. The sun was shining and my goodness my heart was happy.
We then left Idaho City and drove through the mountain pass to Lowman where we sought out some hotsprings and a place to camp for our second night. The drive was spectacular! I really do love my Idaho mountains.

Oh, and Happy Friday everyone! I have a great great great happy weekend ahead! It includes family time, a birthday, a wedding and a XC ski trip.....and then maybe an all-nighter to catch up on homework! YOLO right?!

Someone had ice cream for breakfast

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