Friday, 21 February 2014


This week has been a challenging one. There has been so many things to think about, worry about and stress over. And it's all sort of pointless because I can't change things in the future that I fear. Fear is not of the Lord. I am trying my hardest to break through this little funk and I am determined to fill my days with joy. It's tough. It's been a tough few days for me over here. I am being challenged to be deliberate in my thankfulness, because when I am, then joy floods my days. Every now and then the beau or I will say, "Jeez I really am a broke student. I really am penniless" and one will kindly remind the other, "but we are so rich".
I am a rich person. I am rich because I have people in my life who love me and I love them. I have the most incredible room mates and friends around me every day as I study and work. The sun has been shining and casting the most incredible rays of pink light on the hills as it sets. I have a man in my life who has stolen my heart entirely. I have legs that work and will take me on long beautiful runs through the hills. I have the opportunity to go to University and learn. I get to learn from incredible people every day - the things I learn!
And I currently have half a bag of Stumpton coffee beans in my fridge. So that's always a bonus.

Happy Weekend to you all!

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Yara Miora said...

Happy wonderful weekend Dear, and soon you´ll be here and I´ll hug you to pieces :) Stay strong and postive, you inspire me sister!

<3 Yara