Wednesday, 14 November 2012

closet essentials

Every closet needs some essential items that the rest can just fall around. In my opinions, such essentials are the items to invest in. As I have grown older, and my body shape is no longer changing or my feet growing, I have become more likely to invest in a fewer higher prices, better quality items then a bundle of one season only crap. Quality over quantity.
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Blazer / White Jeans & Denim Shirt / Nude Pumps / Sequins / Scarfs / Sunnies / Lace / Skirts / Handbag / Trilby / Killer Heels / Stripes / Gingham / Spots / Leopard Print / Leather Jacket


Sarah Grace said...

i take one of everything please! :)

happy wednesday! xo, sarah grace

tahnie said...

everything is so gorgeous! i think i'm drooling! ha. thanks so much for sharing and brightening my evening with a little eye candy.

stopping by from the wiegands and thrilled to be your newest follower! :)

much love and many blessings!