Tuesday, 13 November 2012

meet the parents

My parents are amazing people. I know that I am bias but that is just the truth of it. They are both hilarious in their own ways and even though I may complain, it is kinda fun kinda living with them whilst at University. At 18, I graduated high school and not only did I leave home....I left the country. Ever since then I have pretty much been living in different countries to my parents. It still freaks me out that we are now living in the same country now and they can call me whenever to ask, "How's it going?" and the more dreaded questions, "what are you doing?". Although I don't live full time with my parents now it is still taking some getting use to. I was recently telling my baby sister about some plans to road trip on my break and her response was, "well you had best ask Mum and Dad". It took a moment for me to say, "Errr, no I don't". Moving back in with the parents was tough, but I think we are figuring it out and it does help that I am away at least Monday-Friday each week and often for the weekend also. I feel like we are nearing the end of the transition from them being just parents to being my parents and friends. I say all this to say, they are both awesome people. And that is just the truth of it.


Victoria said...

awww what a lovely post!

my parents have been married for lmost 45 years and they amaze me still. :)

it is great to have an example like that in your life!

Shireen McCleary said...

awww they look SO sweet! and you know? I'm 25 and back at my folk's house temporarily after moving back from Korea and while it's nice to have a place to stay while I get settled, it's odd remembering that I have to be considerate of their space, and be quiet when i come in late, and even let them know if I'm not coming home at all! I'm not used to doing that "check in" thing just to be polite & stop them from worrying that i've gotten in a car crash on my way home from work haha

Eventually, one day, I think we'll miss living at home or having our parents take care of us.