Sunday, 4 November 2012

life lately according to instagram

The weekend is finally over. For once I am rejoicing about this! I have been in class all day long, Saturday and Sunday - to say my brain is fried would be an understatement. And I have an exam tomorrow and homework still to do. Oh Sunday night, you are going to be fun.
And....the broncos lost last night. It seems I am slightly attached to the team...didn't see that one coming. I am genuinely upset.
On the bright side of things, the sunset this evening was spectacular and I am loving running in this wonderful fall weather. Perfect.
Here is life lately on instagram. My username is sargeantsally - follow along y'all.
Happy Sunday! Here's to a great next week.

Beautiful Sunsets / Autumn Leaves

A Bowl of Soul at Java / Pumpkin Carving

Homecoming / Party Bus

Outdoor Program newbies! / Tea on a sick day

Halloween / Colour Run

Coffee Making / The Men went Hunting


Krista Klebenow said...

Love you and your good lookin life. Sorry you had to be in class all weekend, but I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

Nicola Purkins said...

Your pumpkins! And your crayole outfits?? My god! So cool!! x