Saturday, 24 November 2012

life lately according to instagram

It has been a full and wonderful fall break! Wow, there have been some great great times had this past week. It is Saturday morning and reality hits.....I have a crazy amount of homework to get done and all I really want to be doing is go hiking. Today shall be a long study day and tomorrow also, and most likely Monday as well before classes resume on Tuesday. The count down to Christmas Break has begun.
Happy Saturday!

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Thanksgiving Outfit / Newest Sticker
Coffee shop hopping in Moscow / Hill Hiking
WHOLE FOODS OPENED! / Night Hike with the Roomie
Energy Drinks / Date night with Ryan
Red Cups / Fall Running
Election Day / Game Time!
Down time: Elle, plaid and a great glass of wine

Friday, 23 November 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Thanksgiving - you were a great day, thank you.
Dear fire - you are wonderful to come home to after a long cold hike.
Dear fall break - you were so needed and I can not believe you are almost over!
Dear morning cup of coffee - I go to bed looking forward to you.
Dear Moscow - you were such a fun place to visit - thank you for being filled with great coffee places and interesting antique stores.
Dear sorority life - you kinda freak me out a little.
Dear taylor - I know we haven't made music together in a while, my bad, thank you for being patient.
Dear England - I am missing you a lot these days.
Dear Bill Bryson - it was great to pick up one of your hilarious books again.
Dear 16 page paper - I thought I asked you to write yourself?
Dear Black Friday - we are having nothing to do with one another.
Dear bargins-destined-to-be-mine - see you on Monday.


Friday, 16 November 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Thanksgiving Break - you are the. best. news.
Dear new Wholefoods Store - we shall be friends for many years to come.
Dear back and butt muscles that ache from backpacking - please pull it together. We have more to do yet.
Dear Thankgiving - I can not wait for this feast.
Dear homework that needs to be done over break - you shall have to wait a few days first...
Dear Fall - you are beautiful.
Dear - stil addicted.
Dear bed - we shall finally see a bit more of each other over the next week.
Dear 16 page paper that needs to be written - go write yourself, yes?
Dear coffee - thank you for keeping me alive this past week. Now we can go back to those days when I savor your flavor rather than down you in shots as fast as possible.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

closet essentials

Every closet needs some essential items that the rest can just fall around. In my opinions, such essentials are the items to invest in. As I have grown older, and my body shape is no longer changing or my feet growing, I have become more likely to invest in a fewer higher prices, better quality items then a bundle of one season only crap. Quality over quantity.
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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

meet the parents

My parents are amazing people. I know that I am bias but that is just the truth of it. They are both hilarious in their own ways and even though I may complain, it is kinda fun kinda living with them whilst at University. At 18, I graduated high school and not only did I leave home....I left the country. Ever since then I have pretty much been living in different countries to my parents. It still freaks me out that we are now living in the same country now and they can call me whenever to ask, "How's it going?" and the more dreaded questions, "what are you doing?". Although I don't live full time with my parents now it is still taking some getting use to. I was recently telling my baby sister about some plans to road trip on my break and her response was, "well you had best ask Mum and Dad". It took a moment for me to say, "Errr, no I don't". Moving back in with the parents was tough, but I think we are figuring it out and it does help that I am away at least Monday-Friday each week and often for the weekend also. I feel like we are nearing the end of the transition from them being just parents to being my parents and friends. I say all this to say, they are both awesome people. And that is just the truth of it.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Big City

As a transfer junior college student carrying 17 credits this semester I am extremely grateful to have no classes on Fridays or Mondays. The longer weekends keep me sane and allow me to get my homework done and still have fun. I am blessed to have a regular Friday morning coffee date with a wonderful friend. Coffee and a sweet friend make the perfect start to the weekend. This Friday we met at one of my favorite coffee shops here in Boise - Big City Coffee. My goodness do they make me smile with their bottomless coffees and water filled mason jars. The blend is good, there is plenty of it and their breakfasts are to die for. Big City Coffee is a must visit if you are in town.

(Photos all taken on an iPhone, gotta love em) 

Friday, 9 November 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Mr truck driver picking your nose, yep, I could see you in my rear view mirror. Busted.
Dear Thanksgiving Blend at Starbucks - thank you for arriving.
Dear Weekend Classes - you are my last. Ever. Never. Again.
Dear Self - no partying this weekend. Let's concentrate on those books.
Dear Winter - you are rolling in can take your need to rush.
Dear - so glad we have met.
Dear Family - you crack me up. Thanks for a fun photo shoot.
Dear Thanksgiving Break - Please hurry!! I need to sleep and catch up on homework and relax.
Dear Sunsets - you have been spectacular lately. Thank you.

My beautiful sister and I

Driving Home for the Weekend


Thursday, 8 November 2012

Color Run

A couple of weekends ago a bunch of my friends and I ran in the Boise Color Run. It started at 9am, and after a night of fun halloween festivities we were wondering why the heck we signed up for it when we were dragging ourselves out of bed at 8am. I am glad to say that as soon as we showed up at the event we were so happy that we signed up and arrived on time to run! The event was so much fun, I would recommend it to all - whether you are a keen runner or not. People dressed up and families with young children walked and chatted on their ways. After the run there was a dance party - this was my favorite part of it all. Everyone gathered around the stage and DJ, color packages were thrown out and every once in a while everyone would throw their color packages up in the air. It was crazy! Note to self: next time consider wearing ski goggles.....maybe a gas mask. only live once, who cares if I was snorting multi colored bogies for days.
If the Color Run comes to a town near you - do it!

* Photos 1-8 by Megan Santi
*Photos 9 - 12 by Chris Bower

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

some cute for the day

Whilst in the Netherlands I had a wonderful friend and neighbour who would take me home with her during the holidays. Her family are wonderful (you can read more about them here and here). Her family would open their home to me and I consider them some of the kindess, most hospitably people I have ever met. My friend's nephew, Bastiaan, called me Sunny...he couldn't quite get his mouth around Sally but I didn't mind in the least! Bastiaan would chatter away in Dutch and want to show me his favorite form of entertainment - the washing machine - whenever he had the opportunity. It didn't seem to matter to him that I was only able to talk back a little in Dutch. Since moving away I have become Sunny "who lives in the computer". I miss this little guy! The other day my friend messaged me this, and it really made me smile. So cute.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


This year I (really) celebrated Halloween for the first time. You Americans sure love your holidays! I find it so endearing how suddenly every store smells of cinnamon, there are fake cobwebs in Walmart and Starbucks reveal their Holiday Specials - I love this about America. How long until the Christmas music starts I wonder....
Halloween was A LOT of fun. My wonderful friends got extremely creative and a bunch of us were crayons. Yep, you heard me, crayons. I loved my crayon outfit so much I even recycled it and went as a lone crayon to another party the following night. I missed my gang and the effect wasn't quite the same though.
Hope y'all had a good one!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

life lately according to instagram

The weekend is finally over. For once I am rejoicing about this! I have been in class all day long, Saturday and Sunday - to say my brain is fried would be an understatement. And I have an exam tomorrow and homework still to do. Oh Sunday night, you are going to be fun.
And....the broncos lost last night. It seems I am slightly attached to the team...didn't see that one coming. I am genuinely upset.
On the bright side of things, the sunset this evening was spectacular and I am loving running in this wonderful fall weather. Perfect.
Here is life lately on instagram. My username is sargeantsally - follow along y'all.
Happy Sunday! Here's to a great next week.

Beautiful Sunsets / Autumn Leaves

A Bowl of Soul at Java / Pumpkin Carving

Homecoming / Party Bus

Outdoor Program newbies! / Tea on a sick day

Halloween / Colour Run

Coffee Making / The Men went Hunting

Friday, 2 November 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Halloween - you were a lot of fun.
Dear crafty friends - you did me proud with our awesome crayon outfits! (Photos to come)
Dear Flip Cup - you are my new favorite game.
Dear lady who skipped the line in Starbucks this morning - no. Just no. Don't do that again.
Dear Starbucks customer who took a full five minutes to place your order for one super fancy grande skinny egg nog latte with no foam extra hot...oh actually...make that with foam...and not so hot...oh and with milk not half and half... - just order freakin straight coffee and be done with it.
Dear Pumpkin Pie kindly gifted to me - you are the best breakfast. And lunch. And dinner. And in-between snacks.
Dear Broncos - please do us proud tomorrow night.
Dear weekend class - really? Please be somehow fun.
Dear Outdoor Program - I am so excited to be on staff with you!! Whoop whoop!!
Dear Invisalign braces - you broke? I thought you guys were invincible?!