Friday, 20 January 2012

Friday Night

It is Friday night and I am packing up my suitcase.
I am moving.
Don't get me wrong I love to travel and I love to visit friends but packing up my suitcase over and over again is getting a little boring. I am entering my last week of my Christmas break from University.
Jeez five weeks have flown by!
I am looking forward to getting back to school in some ways but part of me is not looking forward to all the nights ahead of PB&J's as an entire meal, quick dashes to the coffee corner during class breaks and doing my own laundry.
BUT you gotta love University and all the craziness that goes along with it! 
Work hard = play hard.
Here I am packing my suitcase though. Again.
I often wonder, when I get to heaven, the stats that God is going to tell me, "Sally, did you know in your life you drank .... cups of coffee?", "Sally, did you know in your life you spent .... hours playing air guitar to Aerosmith?", "Sally, did you you know you owned .... pairs of shoes in your life?".
Today I am wondering how many different places I will have spent the night.
Thank you hospitable friends for having me to stay over Christmas! I hope to repay the favour some time. to the Island for the week.
But as for now, here I am packing. Note the new HUGE suitcase behind me.

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