Monday, 9 January 2012

My favourite kind of coffee date

You all know I love coffee and two of my favourite people to have coffee with are my Granny and Granddad.
They are two extremely interesting people with quite a comedy act going on between the two of them.
They live in a very pretty Buckinghamshire village which boast a few good deli shops, cafes and an amazing chocolaterie.
(There is also an awesome antiques store....but that is for another post).
We have out favourite little deli cafe that we like to go to and when we went this Saturday it was a beautiful crisp winters morning with bright sunshine. We wrapped blankets around out shoulders and sat outside to enjoy the weather and views as we sipped our hot coffees.
The deli is packed with interesting cheeses, relishes, olive oils and yummy yummy kind of place!
(Only down side....I forgot my camera! So I had to rely on my little old iPhone to take a few snaps)
My grandparents have done some extraordinary things in their lives including living and working in Africa, South America and Kentucky. I love to hear my Granddad's crazy stories of being chased by snakes in the bush, having giant ants invade his tent and driving through herds of giraffes in his jeep. 
Yep I come from a family of adventurous souls!

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