Saturday, 7 January 2012

Looking forward to 2012...

I know that we are already a few days into 2012 but I have only just managed to figure out some of my goals/wishes for this year.
2011 has been a tough year - a year of wondering what is going to happen, where I am going and what the heck I am doing!
In all honesty I am still wondering "what the heck am I doing?!"
I still have no idea what my major or minor at University will be.
I originally thought that Art History would undoubtedly be my major but after one semester of it I have already figured out that that is no way on earth I will manage to stay awake through another few semester of that subject.
So what am I going to major in?
No idea.
What do I plan to minor in?
No idea.
And when I say no idea, I really mean I HAVE NO IDEA.

When I find myself looking looking forward to this year I began with thinking about all the things I would like to have figured out. I think most of my life years have begun this way and I am no closer to figuring out the majority of things....maybe this year should be different.
Ok, so rather than a list of goals, here is a list of wishes for this year.....let's see how big I dream...

+ I would like to run two official half marathons this year (last year I dreamt as a beginner runner of running a full marathon but my knees didn't seem to agree with that wish so I settled on a half marathons - so let's up it to two this year)

+ Travel to Paris on Spring Break and re-visit Rodin's house and garden.

+ See Coldplay live (Tickets already booked - whoohoo!!)

+ Keep up blogging to all you wonderful people

+ Travel a bit more of Europe

+ MOVE to the USA where I shall be settled for a few years

+ See a Rubens alter piece at a Cathedral in Antwerp, Belgium

+ I do wish that in March when I need to declare my Major that I will feel satisfied with what I choose.
+ Peak a mountain

+ Pay my beautiful Taylor guitar the attention it deserves

+ Become a trail runner rather than a road runner

+ Improve photography skills

Life wishes: a few wishes that may happen in the next year, they may not but I hope happen in my life time.

+ See the Northern Lights

+ Deliver a baby (and preferably know what I am doing!)

+ Live in NYC for a year

+ Learn to surf in Australia

+ Backpack New Zealand

+  Live by the beach in California

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